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Open Educational Resources (OER) Sustainable Learning

Resources for finding open and sustainable teaching and learning materials.

Free eBooks online

*Please apply general rules of evaluating resources. Some of these sites are from commercial organisations rather than academic institutions and so the academic quality and usefullness of the resource can not be guaranteed.

Cal Poly Humboldt Library's eBook Packages

The Library provides eBook access on a number of platforms, including:

ACLS Humanities Ebooks

EBSCO eBook Collection (includes collection formerly known as NetLibrary)


Gale Virtual Reference Library

EBL (Ebook Library)

O'Reilly Learning

Scribner Writers Series


eBooks on these platforms are represented in the library catalog.

Consult your librarian for help with access to eBooks.

eBook Purchasing Options

When requesting an eBook purchase, please be aware that access options for eBooks vary: 

Single-user editions: allow access to one user at a time. While one person is viewing the eBook, it is unavailable to others. The typical message is: "Sorry, this eBook is in use." Almost all NetLibrary books, available on the EBSCO platform, are single-user titles.

Multi-user editions: the eBook is either: 1) simultaneously available to a set number of users (typically three), or 2) available for unlimited simultaneous use. For example, almost all Ebrary and all SpringerLink eBooks are available for unlimited simultaneous use.

Non-Linear Lending: the vendor designates a maximum number of uses per year (typically 325) and allows unlimited simultaneous access. When the maximum number of uses is reached, the eBook becomes inaccessible. Continued access is obtained by re-purchasing the eBook.  We have purchased a small number of eBooks from Ebook Library (EBL) with this option.

If you would like the HSU Library to consider purchasing a specific eBook, please consult with your librarian, who will work with you to determine if/how the eBook is available. Purchasing any book is at the discretion of the librarian and budget availability.