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Creating Video Projects

Shooting and editing video and borrowing cameras and other gear.


The Cal Poly Humboldt Library has a lot of video and audio equipment that you can borrow for your next project. To see our list of gear as well as tutorials and guidance for using it, visit the Creating Video equipment guide and/or Creating Audio equipment guide.

We also have computers with various video editing applications, including the Makerspace Studio, which you can reserve to record, edit, and shoot photographs.

Your Phone

However, you can also use your own technology to record and edit video. Whether you have a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, there are many ways to shoot video, record your screen, and edit it all together. The resources below outline how to record with a variety of devices. Our phone guide also has many tips for shooting great looking video without complicated gear.

Macbooks and iMacs

iPhones and iPads

Windows & Surface