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Creating Video Projects

Shooting and editing video and borrowing cameras and other gear.


You have a variety of options for editing your video. This is not an exhaustive list and you are welcome to use any program that you prefer, but the following are all programs that are free for you to use for your next project.


For Beginners

Off-Campus Options

  • OpenShot is free and open source and relatively easy to learn.
  • Clipchamp
    • The Clipchamp browser version is free. Though you cannot save to the cloud, you can save to your computer.
    • On Windows computers, the Clipchamp app is free to download.
  • VideoProc Vlogger is free to download and has some fun filters and effects.
  • DaVinci Resolve is a more advanced editor, but it is completely free on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

On Chromebooks

On Phones and Tablets

  • Clipchamp has a free iPhone app that can also be downloaded on iPads (but has a small screen size).
  • Adobe Rush has iOS and Android apps.
  • There are also quite a few free videos editors to choose from. Before you get too invested in an app, be sure that it doesn't have a total time limit or a watermark.


Camtasia is a fairly easy to learn yet powerful video editor that is available on Cal Poly Humboldt campus computers. It is primarily used for creating screen captures (recording your computer screen) but is also great for editing film.

To edit a video on multiple devices (like if you start editing in the library computer lab and then continue in the Founder's Hall lab the next day) be sure to save your project as a standalone project .

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122).


OpenShot is a free and open source program that has many helpful features. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. This is the best open source video editor.

Cedar Wolf has a series of short video tutorials that walk you through using OpenShot (9 short videos, ~29 minutes total)


Clipchamp is an easy to use and fully featured video editor for Windows and is also available as a browser-based Chrome and Edge webapp. It allows you to create videos with all of the basic features you'd want. Including openly-licensed content like music, images, and even video clips that you can use in your project.

The browser-based version of Clipchamp is great on Chromebooks and has all the features you need for small projects but working on big projects with multiple files over a browser may cause playback lag and other unwanted issues. The browser-based version also has freemium content that you want to avoid so that you can use it for free. Premium content is marked with a diamond icon, so avoid that to keep your project free.

To edit a video across multiple devices (like if you want to start editing on your home computer and then continue in the library computer lab the next day), be sure to sync your project to your Google Drive account. You will first want to upload your video files to your Google Drive and then you can import them into Clipchamp directly from your drive. See the video below for instructions.

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on Windows computers.

Clipchamp Basics

Learn how to use Clipchamp and sync your projects across devices by linking up your account and project files to Google Drive.

Playlist (three videos): Syncing with Google Drive; Workspace, Trim & Split; and Audio, Text, & Transitions. (YouTube)

Easy video editing with Clipchamp

2 mins, YouTube

See also: Clipchamp training center.


iMovie is available for free on Macs, iPads, and iPhones and has many built-in features like soundtracks and photo effects that make it easy to use.

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on Mac computers.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Rush (iOS and Android) is free on phones and fairly easy to use. If you don't mind using your phone for video editing, Rush is perhaps the best free tool available.

Desktop version available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on Mac computers.

Adobe's Premiere Rush app guide and tutorials are fairly comprehensive and include videos and screenshots. You may also want to check out this video tutorial:

VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger is a completely free (proprietary) video editor that works with a variety of video formats and has several features for bringing your editing to the next level. If you're annoyed with the lack of features in OpenShot but don't want to take the deep dive in DaVinci Resolve, VideoProc Vlogger is probably what you're looking for.

Their guides offer extensive text and video descriptions on how to use the many features, including syncing to music, color correction, and reframing options for various social media aspect ratios.

The main downside to using VideoProc Vlogger is the lack of support for creating captions. For captioning, we recommend using YouTube, Canvas Studio, or Panopto (all free to Cal Poly Humboldt students, staff and faculty).

Advanced Video Editing & Film Making

The programs above are great for most video projects but if you find yourself wanting to get into more advanced video editing and film making, the options below are all professional quality programs that you can access for free. These will take considerable time to learn and will be overkill for most class assignments. But if you are ready to immerse yourself in editing and want to get to the next level, these are great options.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free professional level color correction and video editing suite. Like Premiere Pro and Blender, Resolve will take some time to learn but has all the features you'll need for creating your next film. Free downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on Windows computers.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is free to Cal Poly Humboldt students, staff, and faculty and is an industry standard for film making. To access Premiere Pro off campus, take a look at the Cal Poly Humboldt ITS page: Home/Personal Use Software. Premiere Pro is available on most campus Windows and Mac computers, including Library laptops available for checkout.

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on all computers.


Blender is a free and open source 3D creation program for modeling, animating and more. It can also be used for basic video editing, but requires some initial setup. Blender is free and open source and available on all operating systems.

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Online SkillShops

If you are looking for more in-depth tutorials on creating videos, we have some Online SkillShops that cover the complete process. You will also earn a badge for each SkillShop you complete!

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