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The Studio

The Makerspace Studio: record video and audio, and shoot photographs. (Library 120).

The Studio

The Studio, room 120 - drawings of camera with lighting setup.

The Studio (Library 120) combines three video/photo studio spaces in one:

  • a video recording station with green screen
  • a portrait nook with backdrops
  • and a photography light box for shooting small objects with built-in LED lighting.

The room includes a variety of lighting options, backdrops, usb microphones, and a computer station (Windows). Other digital media equipment can be checked out at the Checkout desk, including cameras, light reflectors, lavalier mics, and more. See our Take & Make guides for a full list of equipment available to borrow.

The Studio is open for use anytime and can be reserved the same week with a sign-in sheet at the door. If the room is not booked, it is open to drop in use.

To learn more about the equipment and technology in the Studio, keep an eye on the SkillShops site (where you can see the calendar for upcoming workshops) and the Makerspace site for other events and updates.

Room Use Policy

The Studio is for video and photography shooting and editing. The video station is prioritized for video projects (including recording audio narration and voice overs) as well as web conferencing that requires lighting and high quality audio (i.e. for interviews and academic presentations). The photo stations are prioritized for academic and career projects (school work, portfolio shots, etc.) but we also highly encourage any other personal photo projects. Just please consider other students who are trying to meet deadlines when using the space. 

Reservations and Drop-ins

Online reservations can be made (at least 24 hours in advance) through the campus 25Live system. There is a limit of 2 hours per day.

Reserve the Studio

The weekly reservation schedule is posted at the door. If the room is open and not reserved, you can write in your name for same-day reservations. Please limit your room use to no more than two (2) hours at a time, unless necessary.

Sharing the Space

If you are working on a project and don’t want to be disturbed, please hang the “Recording in Progress” signs on both doors. Be aware of room scheduling (posted at the door) and make sure that you complete your project before the next person comes in. If you come to the room and see a sign hanging, please respect it. If you have the room reserved but the sign is up, knock before entering. Please remove any signs before you leave the space.

If you are working on a project but don’t mind sharing the space with other folks, hang the “Video Station in Use,” “Photo Light Box in Use,” or “Portrait Nook in Use” signs. These have wording asking others to be considerate but welcome them in to share the space for the other stations.

Be Considerate

  • Be considerate of others. Please leave the room clean and place items back where you found them. If you notice that anything is messy or is missing, please let someone at the front desk know right away. 

  • If you are using your own equipment, do not leave anything on and unattended. 

  • Equipment that reaches high temperatures is not allowed (irons, lighting that heats up, etc). None of the library spaces are approved for this type of work.

  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended. This room is unlocked at all times. If you are bringing in your own equipment, we recommend keeping an eye on it to prevent theft. Campus policy recommends that you record any serial numbers and take photos of equipment in case you need to file a police report.

Looking for another space?

If the Studio doesn't quite have what you're looking for, consider these options for various types of projects:

Video and Audio Editing

There are several spaces where you can edit video, including the Lab in 122 (to the far right when you’re facing this room), which has updated computers and editing software on Mac and Windows computers. If you are not recording, please consider using another space for editing to free up this space for other people with recording needs.

Basic Zoom sessions and similar needs: 

  • You can check out headphones with microphones and/or a webcam (or even a laptop!) at the checkout desk for Zoom classes or other things that don’t require a quiet room. Just ask at the desk (to the left when you’re facing this room).

  • If you need a quiet space, we recommend using other library rooms, including Library 114, 208, and 308 which are all optimized for groups/classes and have presentation screens. 308 also has multiple group computer stations.

Other Room Needs

  • The library and other buildings on campus have a variety of rooms for you to use. Some require reservations and some are open to drop-ins. You can find rooms, see availability, and make reservations in 25Live.