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Biological Sciences Research Guide


This guide selectively lists print and Internet reference resources in marine biology.

  • Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  • Treatises and Reviews
  • Bibliographies
  • Handbooks & Manuals
  • Taxonomic and Biodiversity Databases
  • Internet Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways

See also the two related research guides on Fisheries and Oceanography. The Oceanography guide in particular includes broader works that include information on marine biology, e.g. the Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences.

There are two excellent starting places for identifying key literature on selected areas in marine biology:

  • CERF-Lit: Coastal and Estuarine Science Reference Series(Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation) Includes over 30 expertly-prepared guides in estuarine and coastal ocean science that list summary papers, classic papers, and recent contributions to help direct students, teachers, and new researchers to key literature on the topic.

As with other scientific areas most marine biology research is published in journals. For lists of marine biology journals see Literature of Oceanography: Journals. Databases that index the marine biology literature are listed in Articles and Databases: Oceanography.

Treatises and Reviews

  • The HSU Library has three annually issued publications that contain collections of review papers in marine biology.
    • Advances in Marine Biology (QH 91 A1 A22)
    • Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review (GC 1 O32)
    • Progress in Phycological Research (QK 564 P76)
  • Atlas of Marine Invertebrate Larvae (Young) 2002 (QL364.18 A74 2002) comprehensive guide to larval form and anatomy. Each chapter provides a referenced overview of life cycles, reproduction, embryology, larval life, larval form and metamorphosis in a particular group of invertebrates.
  • Biology of Crustacea (Bliss) 1982-1986 (QL 435 B48) 10 volumes
  • Marine Ecology: A Comprehensive Integrated Treatise on Life in the Oceans and Coastal Waters(Kinne) 1970-1984 (5 vols. in 13 parts) (QH 541.5 S3 K5)
  • Mollusca (Wilbur) 1983-1988) (QL402 M57 1983) 12 volume set.
  • Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates (Giese and Pearse) 1974 - (QP 251 G437) 7 volumes completed to date
  • Summary of Knowledge of the Central and Northern California Coastal Zone and Offshore Areas(Winzler & Kelly) 1977 (4 vols. in 7 parts) (ref GB 458.8 W56) Extensive survey of the knowledge of this area up through 1974 compiled for the Bureau of Land Management as background information for potential OCS oil leasing. Contains an 800-page bibliography.
  • Treatise on Marine Ecology and Paleoecology (Hedgpeth) 1957 (Geological Society of America Memoir #67) (QE 1 G29m #67) The first major treatise on marine ecology.


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Handbooks & Manuals

  • Experimental Marine Biology (Mariscal) 1974 (QH 91 M26)
  • ICES Zooplankton Methodology Manual (Harris) 2000 (QL 123 I2 2000)
  • Manual of Methods in Aquatic Environmental Research, Parts 1-11 (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) (FAO Fisheries Technical Paper) (SH 1 F203)
  • Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos (Holme & McIntyre) 2005 (QH 91.57 D7 M47)
  • Methods in Marine Zooplankton Ecology (Omori & Ikeda) 1984 (QL 123 O4613 1984)
  • Monitoring Rocky Shores (Murry, Ambrose and Dethier) 2006 (QH 541.5 S35 M87)
  • Pelagic Ecology Methodology (Subba Rao) 2002 (QK 934 P44 2002)
  • The Shore Environment (Price, Irvine and Farnham) 1980 (QH 541.5 S35 S52) Vol 1 Methods; Vol 2 Ecosystems

Content Attribution

Some of the content of this page was created in another format by Robert Sathrum, HSU Librarian, retired 06/2013. 

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