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Biological Sciences Research Guide

Literature Guides

  • Using the Biological Literature (Schmidt, Davis & Jacobs) 2002 (ref QH 303.6 D38 2002) Includes a general introduction to biological literature, general reference resources, and reference resources by biological specialty area.

Nomenclature and Word Origins

  • Analyses of Medical Biological Words (Schmidt) 1973 (ref R 123 S32)
  • Biolexicon: A Guide to the Language of Biology (Blinderman) 1990 (ref QH 302.5 B59 1990)
  • Bioscientific Terminology: Words from Latin and Greek Stems (Ayers) 1972 (ref QH 83 A94)
  • Composition of Scientific Words (Brown) 1956 (ref PE 1175 E76 1978)
  • Naturalist's Lexicon: A List of Classical Greek and Latin Words Used or Suitable for Use in Biological Nomenclature (Woods) 1944 (ref QH 83 A94)
  • Source-Book of Biological Names and Terms (Jaeger) 1959 (ref QH 83 J3 1959)
  • Word Elements of Bio-Science (Hsu) 1978 (ref QH 302.5 H78)

Handbooks, Manuals and Protocols

Search in the Library Catalog under the subject Biology (see link below). You will find a long list of more specific subjects in biology. Search any of these looking for books with the subheading "methodology" or "techniques" or "laboratory manuals" or "measurement" or "handbooks, manuals, etc", e.g., "animal populations measurement" (see link below).

  • Biology Data Book (Altman) 1972-1974 (ref QH310 A39 1972) (3 volumes) Compilation of evaluated reference data in the life sciences, with over 18,000 literature citations from which the information was compiled.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Biologist's Handbook of Pronunciation (Jaeger) 1966 (ref QH 13 J3)
  • Dictionary of the Biological Sciences (Gray) 1967 (ref QH 13 G68)
  • Dictionary of Life Sciences (Martin) 1983 (ref QH 302.5 D52 1984)
  • Dictionary of Theoretical Concepts in Biology (Roe & Frederick) 1981 (ref QH 302.5 R63)
  • Encyclopedia of Bioethics (Reich) 1995 (4 volumes) (ref QH 332 E52 1992)
  • Encyclopedia of Evolution (Pagel) 2002 (2 volumes) (ref QH 360.2 E54 2002)
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Biology (Tootill) 1988 (ref QH 13 F33 1988)
  • Henderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms (Lawrence) 1995 (ref QH 302.5 H65 1995)
  • McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (Eighth Edition) 1997 (ref Q 121 M3 1997) 20 volumes

Internet Subject Directories/Gateways/Portals

Content Attribution

Some of the content of this page was created in another format by Robert Sathrum, HSU Librarian, retired 06/2013.