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Biological Sciences Research Guide

Web-based Molecular Biology Resources & Tools

Molecular biology is the study of biological macromolecules at the structural and functional level, particularly DNA and proteins. There are many free resources on the Internet to study various aspects of these primary constituents. The following is a list of some of these web-based tools and a brief description with some verbiage used from the native site. This is not a comprehensive list, but it is meant to provide a good starting point for researchers. Some resources might be duplicated on some of the other lists.

General Sites

Nucleic Acid Sequencing Tools

Genomic Resources

Protein Sequence Analysis Tools

3D Macromolecular Structure Tools

Phylogeny Tools

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Dictionary of Cell Biology (Lackie & Dow) 1995 (ref QH 575 D53 1995)
  • Dictionary of Genetics (King & Stansfield) 1996 (ref QH 427 K55 1996)
  • Dictionary of Genetics and Cell Biology (Maclean) 1987 (ref QH 427 M33 1987)
  • Encyclopedia of Genetics (Brenner and Miller) 2002 (ref QH 427 E53 2002) 4 volumes
  • Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology (Kendrew) 1994 (ref QH 506 E53 1994)
  • Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology (Creighton) 1999 (ref QH 506 C74 1999) 4 volumes
  • Glossary of Genetics: Classical and Molecular (Rieger, Michaelis, & Green) 1991 (ref QH 427 R54 1991)
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: a Comprehensive Desk Reference (Meyers) 1995 (ref QH 506 M66155 1995)

Handbooks, Manuals & Protocols

  • Cell Biology: a Laboratory Handbook (Celis) 2006 (ref QH 583.2 C45) (4 volumes) Includes 236 articles covering techniques and procedures in cell and molecular biology, proteomics, and genomics.


Internet Subject Directories/Gateways/Portals

See also the Internet guides listed under General Biology (link below), many of which includes sections on cellular and molecular biology.