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Biological Sciences Research Guide

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (Lincoln, Boxshalt, & Clark) 1982 (ref QH 540.4 L56 1982)
  • Dictionary of the Environment (Allaby) 1977 (ref QH 540.4 A44 1977)
  • Ecological Glossary (Carpenter) 1956 (ref QH 541 C3 1956)
  • Ecology Field Glossary: A Naturalists Vocabulary (Lewis) 1977 (ref QH 540.4 L48)
  • Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Levin) 2000 (ref QH 541.15 B56 E53 2000) (5 volumes) Includes over 300 5-15 page signed articles, each with is own bibliography of additional references (see link below).
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology (Nierenberg) 1995 (ref QH 540.4 E52 1995) (3 volumes) Includes over 150 5-15 page signed articles, each with is own bibliography of additional references.
  • Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology (Hastings and Gross) 2012 (ref QH 540.4 E526 2012)
  • Oxford Dictionary of Natural History (Allaby & Attenborough) 1985 (ref QH 13 O9 1985)

Taxonomy: Nomenclature

  • Naturalist's Lexicon: A List of Classical Greek and Latin Words Used or Suitable for Use in Biological Nomenclature (Woods) 1944 (ref QH 83 A94)

Taxonomy: Databases

Taxonomy: Field Guides

Content Attribution

Some of the content of this page was created in another format by Robert Sathrum, HSU Librarian, retired 06/2013. 



  • Habitats and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia of Endangered America (Crawford) 1999 (ref QH 76 C73 1999) Lists and describes special habitat sites in each state.

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