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Find a SkillShop to expand your skillset!

Cal Poly Humboldt SkillShops

SkillShops as Co-Curricular Learning Opportunities

The Cal Poly Humboldt Library and many of our partners (Learning Center, Academic and Career Advising Center, Peer Health Educators, CAPS, and more as we continue to grow) offer SkillShops as co-curricular learning experiences that promote lifelong learning.

What are SkillShops?

  • 50 minute drop-in workshops that introduce or develop skills through exploration and/or application
  • Co-curricular
  • Active and hands-on learning for 25+ minutes
  • Allow students to set their own learning goals
  • Incorporate strategies for creating engaging & interactive learning environments
  • Encourage discovery, exploration & social connection

Interested in how you can use SkillShops for your class or to help your students? Contact us with any questions, requests or ideas you may have: skillshops@humboldt.edu.

Do you have requests for SkillShops?

Integrating Canvas SkillShops into your course

You can add any of our online Canvas SkillShops as an assignment in your course by importing the SkillShop assignment from Canvas Commons (instructions on importing from Canvas Commons). Simply search for the course you're interested in and add the assignment to your course. Students will upload their SkillShops badge to your course to show that they completed the SkillShop.

We have several Canvas SkillShops available in the Canvas Commons, including topics on research, citations, career values, creating digital projects, and more. 

How the SkillShops-Canvas integration works, step-by-step

  • The instructor uploads the SkillShop assignment to their Canvas course as an assignment.
    1. Either
      1. Select from a list of all Canvas SkillShops
        1. Click on the Commons link in the Canvas global menu (green bar on the left).
        2. Search ‘Skillshops.’
        3. Select the SkillShop you want to assign.
      2. Click on a link for a specific SkillShop below.
    2. Import the SkillShop assignment to your course.
    3. Select the course(s) you want to add the SkillShop to.
    4. Click the ‘Import Into Course’ button.
  • From the uploaded assignment, the student clicks on the link to enroll in the SkillShop.
  • The student completes the SkillShop.
    • The completion badge appears in the course with their name on it.
  • The student takes a screenshot of the badge.
  • The student uploads the screenshot to their instructor's canvas course assignment.
  • The instructor confirms badge and assigns a grade accordingly.
  • Done!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about using online SkillShops in your course, contact us: skillshops@humboldt.edu.

Canvas Commons Assignment Links

(These are not the links to the SkillShops. For the list of links to share with students, visit the Online SkillShops page.)

All drawings on this page and in other SkillShops materials CC0 from Open Doodles by Pablo Stanley.