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Find a SkillShop to expand your skillset!

SkillShops as Co-Curricular Learning Opportunities


The HSU Library and many of our partners (Learning Center, Academic and Career Advising Center, Peer Health Educators, CAPS, and more as we continue to grow) offer SkillShops as co-curricular learning experiences that promote lifelong learning. By taking SkillShops, students have the opportunity to develop new skills for academic, professional, and personal success. SkillShops offer students the opportunity to Explore, Create, and Innovate outside of the classroom and can connect them with people outside of their major.

What are SkillShops?

  • 50 minute drop-in workshops that introduce or develop skills through exploration and/or application
  • Co-curricular
  • Active and hands-on learning for 25+ minutes
  • Allow students to set their own learning goals
  • Incorporate strategies for creating engaging & interactive learning environments
  • Encourage discovery, exploration & social connection

Interested in how you can use SkillShops for your class or to help your students? Contact us with any questions, requests or ideas you may have: skillshops@humboldt.edu.

Do you have requests for SkillShops?

Integrating Canvas SkillShops into your course

You can add any of our online Canvas SkillShops as an assignment in your course by importing the SkillShop from the Canvas Commons (instructions on importing from Canvas Commons). Simply search for the course you're interested in and add the assignment to your course. Students will upload their SkillShops badge to your course to show that they completed the SkillShop.

We have 12 Canvas SkillShops available in the Canvas Commons, including topics like Research Basics, APA & MLA Citations, Zotero Citation Management, Video Storytelling, and Reading Scholarly Articles. 

How the SkillShops-Canvas integration works, step-by-step:

  • The instructor uploads the SkillShop assignment to their Canvas course as an assignment.
  • From the uploaded assignment, the student clicks on the link to enroll in the SkillShop.
  • The student completes the SkillShop.
    • The completion badge appears in the course with their name on it.
  • The student takes a screenshot of the badge.
  • The student uploads the screenshot to their instructor's canvas course assignment.
  • The instructor confirms badge and assigns a grade accordingly.
  • Done!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about using online SkillShops in your course, contact us: skillshops@humboldt.edu.

Integrating Zoom SkillShops in Your Course

Many instructors offer extra credit or even require students to attend SkillShops as a way to supplement their learning and increase their skill set. We can help you connect SkillShops to your course content and learning outcomes. If you plan to incorporate SkillShops into your course, let us know at skillshops@humboldt.edu. You can also view the current offerings on the SkillShops Calendar.

You can track your students' SkillShops attendance and get a snapshot of their learning by having them fill out a worksheet asking them to reflect on what they learned at the workshop and how they will use their new skills. 

Extra credit sheet template (customizable version - just your add course-specific information and requirements)

Extra credit sheet - generic version (simple version with no course-specific info or requirements)

You can also import this as an assignment from the Canvas Commons into your course (instructions on importing from Canvas Commons). Go the Canvas Commons and search from "HSU Library SkillShops Assignment" to locate the assignment. You can use the extra credit sheet it is linked in the course, or copy and edit for your specific requirements. If you copy and edit the form, be sure to replace the link in the assignment with the new copy so that students have the correct form.