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Native American Studies Research Guide

The content of this guide was created by Joan Berman, Librarian Emerita

Comprehensive Sites

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Karen Strom maintains this extensive site.
Lisa Mitten's Home Page
The first, best "go-to" site, updated through 2008.

Publishers / Distributors

Coyote Press
In-print and out-of-print offerings focusing on California and especially strong on archaeology.
Heyday Books
In addition to News from Native California, Heyday publishes books about California Indians.
Louis Collins Books
An excellent site for locating out-of-print titles.
Naturegraph Publishers
Native American books have always been an emphasis of this Happy Camp publisher.
Oyate is the place to go to find appropriate Native American materials for children.
Pacific Western Traders
PWT opened in 1971 and is a major focus for Californian tribal arts, both as a gallery and a resource center. They produce the map of tribal areas of California.

Special Topics


American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Data and Links
Links to demographic information and tables prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau.
American Indian Health
"An information portal for and about the health of Native Peoples of the U.S." - from the National Library of Medicine.
American Indian Library Association
Keep up with library resources, grants, literature awards and more.
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection
An outstanding example of a digital collection from the University of Washington.
Anthropology Library
The UC Berkeley site is an excellent introduction to Berkeley's various collections, including the Hearst Museum. A recent addition is AnthroHub which includes full text (or links to) of all UCB serial publications. See also the Native American Studies Collection from the Ethnic Studies Library for many links to full text documents.
Arctic Studies Center
This comprehensive site is devoted to the study of northern people, their history and environment.
California Indian Basketweavers Association
Fulltext of their newsletter is here.
California Indian Legal Services
In addition to the “Links” on this page, see also Law Library of Congress: Indians of North America, National Indian Law Library, and USAdotgov: For Tribal Governments and Native Americans
California Indian Storytelling Association
CISA is "dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation, enlivening and promotion of Indian story and storytelling."
California Language Archive
"A catalog and online archive of the indigenous languages of California, western North America, and the Americas" - Merged collections of the Berkeley Language Center and the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, primary strength is indigenous languages of California.
Carlisle Indian School
A thoughtful approach to a difficult subject.
Census Research Guide - Census Schedules
HSU guide includes information on censuses of California Indians.
Chumash Life
This Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History exhibit is an excellent curriculum example.
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Includes full text of many technical reports and special issue on Celilo Legacy.
Edward S. Curtis's North American Indian
This digital exhibition is from Northwestern University Library and is complemented by an expanded site from the Library of Congress Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian.
"Quality news, information, and entertainment from a Native American perspective." See also Indian Country Today.
Line in the Sand
Cultural property rights issues is the topic of this site.
The National Archeological DataBase provides access to the gray literature on archeological sites in the U.S. as well as to NAGPRA texts and information. This database is now included in tDAR, the Digital Archaeological Record.
Native American Documents Project
"This is a demonstration project showing one way in which documents about the history of federal policy concerning native peoples might be more readily available." Includes text of the Dawes Act, etc.
Native American - Indian Genealogy
Useful not only for the direct name searching, but also for articles and tips on ancestry searching. See also Census Schedules
Native American Public Telecommunications
"Empowering, Educating and Entertaining through Native Media." Also see the Hoopa-based California Indian Radio Project and Shenandoah Films, a Eureka-based distributor of educational videos and DVDs.
Native Health Database
This database of articles can be searched by tribe name as well as by topic.
News from Native California
Events, news, and some articles from the journal are online and there is both a subject index and a list of authors and titles for volumes 1-10.
Northern California Indian Historiography, 1847-1866
Kimberly Johnston-Dodds created this website replete with scans of newspaper articles and government reports: it also includes links to her MA thesis and her compilation of Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians.
Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Check their frequent news releases and newsletter.
Protocols for Native American Archival Materials
Keep up with best professional practices coordinated by a very inclusive group of organizations. See also Traditional Cultural Expression and Libraries.
Seventh Generation Fund
Find out about their initiatives.
Society for California Archaeology
Newsletters and more are online.
Visit the homepage of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) which is a major source for information on Indian languages and language issues. See also: Teaching Indigenous Languages, which includes fulltext documents and many links.

Northwestern California


Blue Lake Rancheria
See especially the sections on Facts and Government & Law.
California Academy of Sciences
Searching the CAS Anthropology Collection database by culture name yields 62 images with descriptions for Yurok, 18 for Hupa, 13 for Karuk, etc.
California Athabaskan Languages & Cultures
An eclectic site with much potential; strongest on Cahto and other Eel River languages.
California Indian Baskets
This is a commercial site for buying and selling Northern California baskets but it also includes many historical photos and information.
Calisphere - A World of Digital Resources
Search this new front-end to the Online Archive of California for local tribes; includes HSU's Ericson collection.
Dorothy Hill Collection
Although the collection is strongest in Maidu, there is also a significant amount of Hupa and Yurok material.
Elk Valley Rancheria
This official webpage includes audio and slide shows.
Finding Aids
Most of these collections have information on northwestern California indians.
Four Directions Institute: California Indians
The pages for local tribes contain information from the Native American Historical Data Base by Larry T.B. Sunderland. Each tribal page also includes an eclectic set of links.
Hoopa Valley Tribe
This is the official website of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. It is an extremely rich site - keep looking to find text of many of the primary documents regarding the history of the tribe as well as current Trinitiy and Klamath water issues.
Karuk Tribe of California
Read issues of the newsletter on this official tribal website.
Live Your Language Alliance
Their mission is "to bring together the language people, advocates, programs, and governments of the local tribes in order to form an alliance that will support language restoration and revitalization efforts."
Northern California Indian Development Council
This non-profit corporation has since 1976 represented American Indian community organizations in northwestern California. It also hosts the Karuk Language Website and Bill Bright's Linguistic Homepage.
Original Voices
Curriculum activities are linked to this Indigenous Northwestern Gold Rush Exhibit. See also Original Patriots: Northern California Indian Veterans of World War Two.
Research Guides: Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion
HSU Library resource pages in one convenient list.
Learn about Harry Roberts, read parts of the book, and enjoy the photo gallery.
Smith River Rancheria
A growing amount of historical information is included on this official tribal website.
Southern Oregon Digital Archives
SODA includes fulltext of many U.S., state, and local documents in three collections: Southern Oregon History; Bioregion (i.e., Klamath-Siskiyou); and First Nations/Tribal Collection (including Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Tolowa, Wiyot).
Trinidad Rancheria
This site includes brief information about the Rancheria and links to the casino.
Tsnungwe Council
Background on the Tsnungwe Tribe including a list of place names (last updated 2001).
Wiyot Tribe
Read about the Indian Island Cultural & Environmental Restoration Project on this official Wiyot page.
Yurok Language Project
The goal of this NSF-funded project is "to provide the most comprehensive grammatical description of Yurok possible while also contributing to the tribal language revitalization project."
Yurok Tribe Home Page
This is the official Yurok page. The Culture link provides historical information about the tribe and current issues of the tribal newsletter are online. See also the new YurokVoices.com.