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Visit the Library Makerspace on the third floor!

HSU Library Makerspace

Library Makerspace

HSU Library Makerspace is located on the third floor of the Library across from Special Collections.  

The makerspace is a place where you can brainstorm, prototype and iteratively design and create physical and digital projects with opportunities to get feedback from other makers in the community.  A makerspace can also simply be a place to spend time getting familiar with tools for creativity and innovation, and to connect with other makers. 

The Makerspace has both large screen Macs and PCs with the Adobe Suite and other editing tools--these were once the Digital Media Lab (DML) and have now been incorporated into this space. For more information about the equipment, software and instruction we offer for creating digital media projects like videos, podcasts and websites, visit our DML Guide. You’ll also find a flight simulator, prototyping materials, a virtual reality station, and our newest equipment addition, a 3D Printer. We are excited to offer through Spring 2020 free 3D printing in the Makerspace for students, faculty, and staff!  

The Makerspace and equipment are available to everyone in any discipline or at any level of experience. There are a number of resources available to help you get started including workshops, pop-up events to try out technology, Meet Up and Make hours, librarians, fellow makers, and makerspace student assistants. Another great way to learn is to connect with others working on projects in the space! We encourage you to be creative, share, connect, and collaborate while making. Make a paper zine or a button, draw your own 3D model in virtual reality, edit a video you made on a personal adventure--there are all kinds of opportunities and ways of making that there is something for everyone! Make something to express yourself or relax, do something creative with your academic work or to change the world, or join us in the Library Makerspace to find a supportive community of other makers. 

3D Printing at the Library Makerspace

HSU Library Makerspace has a 3D printer available for you to print all kinds of cool projects! Any student, staff, or faculty member can print for free on our Lulzbot Mini 2 printer through Spring 2020. More information about the our 3D printer and how to work with and make 3D models to come on this guide.

Meet Up & Make

Makerspace Student assistants are available to assist you with your 3D printing projects and questions every Monday-Saturday from noon-2pm and 5-7pm. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and theme days!

Print Your Model