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Communication Research Guide

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Use this research guide to find library resources to support your research in Communication at Cal Poly Humboldt. Use the tabs on the left side of the page to locate different types of resources. Browse our Research Guides Directory to find additional resources.

If you need further assistance, Email the Research Help Desk.

Questions To Ask Yourself While You Select A Topic

Is your topic really broad?

  • Examples of broad topics include politics, the environment, health, economy, education and technology.
  • Broad topics can be broken down to create specific topics appropriate for a presentation.

Do you have personal involvement with the topic? 

  • Speak about a topic you already know something about.

Do you have an interest in the topic? 

  • Pick a topic that you are curious about and it will make you want to learn more than what you already know

Is the topic or point of view embraced by the audience, but not you? 

  • Challenge popular ideas. Encourage your peers to see the other side of the story.

Is the topic appropriate for the course and/or assignment?

Is there enough available information about the topic? 

  • Make sure enough credible information can be gathered in time to complete the assignment by meeting with a librarian early. Stop by the Research Desk to receive assistance.

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