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Communication Research Guide

Recommended Databases

Open Access Resources

Finding Full Text Articles

If you don't see the full text article, click on "Find It@HSU":

"Find It" will locate your article online, or direct you to the print journal on the 2nd floor of the library.

If we do not have the article in any format, you may request it via

with no additional fee. Electronic articles can often arrive within 48 hours.

Google Scholar

Under Google Scholar settings, set "Library Links" to include Humboldt State University! This will connect you to FindIt@HSU.

Google Scholar Search

Looking For A Specific Journal?

Use the Journal Search to find journals by title or ISSN.

Screenshot of journal search interface in OneSearch

Searching Library Resources

An easy way to refine your topic is to use Boolean operators and synonyms (words that have a similar meaning to your original word).

To find more synonyms check out the abstracts and subject terms of articles you find on your topic.

Boolean searching is the use of AND, OR, NOT to control your search results.

For example, if your professor wants you to "explore the relationship between gaming and violence", you could try this:

gaming AND violence locates only records that contain both words.

gaming NOT violence locates records that contain gaming as long as they don't include the word violence.

gaming OR violence locates records that contain one or both words.

Image courtesy of: http://www.le.ac.uk/li/teach/ism1/workbook4d.html