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Geology Research Guide

Indexes and Guides - United States

  • Guide to USGS Geologic and Hydrologic Maps (Andriot) 1992 (Docs Abstr QE 77 G85 1992) - Lists maps published in 16 US Geological Survey series. Maps are listed by series with area and subject indexes.

Indexes and Guides - Western States

Individual Maps and Atlases

The HSU Map Collection(see link below) contains many state level or country level geologic maps. In the HSU Library Catalog(see link below) limit to the "Map Collection" and do a keyword search using the keywords geolog? and [the name of a state or country]. Listed below are selected general world and United States geologic maps available in print in the HSU Library or on the Internet.

  • Basement Rock Map of the United States (Exclusive of Alaska and Hawaii) (Bayley & Muehlberger) 1968 (map G 3701 C5 1968 U5) 1:2.5 million scale map on 2 sheets published by the US Geological Survey.
  • Generalized Tectonic Map of North America (King and Edmonston) 1972 (Docs I 19.91: 688) (USGS Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Map I-688) Map at scale of 1:15M.
  • Geologic Map of North America (Reed, Wheeler and Tucholke) 2005 (map G 3301 C9 2005 R44) Geologic map at a scale of 1:5M that distinguishes more than North American 900 rock units, including 110 that are offshore.
  • Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States (US Geological Survey) 1983 (Miscellaneous Investigations Series I-1420) (Docs I 19.91:I-1420) Series of 51 1:1,000,000 scale maps (when complete) that show Quaternary bedrock and materials of Quaternary age that overlie bedrock of all ages. A few are available online(see link below).
  • Set of One Hundred Topographic Maps Illustrating Specified Physiographic Features (US Geological Survey) 1955 (map G 3701 C2 svar U5) - Set of 7 1/2', 15', and 30' topographic maps that illustrate physical features resulting from glaciation, karst, tectonics, volcanism, and erosion. A print "Index" to the set is available in the Map and Atlas filing cabinet as well as an online index to USGS Topographic Maps Illustrating Physiographic Features(see link below). Features are indexed by type, physiographic province, and state.
  • Tectonic Map of North America (Muehlberger) 1992-1996 (map G 3301 C55 1992 M84) Series of 4 maps at a scale of 1:5 million published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
  • Tectonic Map of the United States (Exclusive of Alaska and Hawaii) (Cohee) 1962 (map G 3701 C55 1962 U5) 1:2.5 million scale map on 2 sheets published by the US Geological Survey.
  • United States Geological Highway Map Series (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) 1968-1990 (Map Collection call number varies--search under series name) Series of 12 state/regional geological maps that show surface rock outcrop information: age, depositional environment, rock type, and names of formations. Includes major highways, towns, and landmarks. Cross sections, tectonic and physiographic inset maps, small structural-history maps, and brief texts are found on the reverse side.

United States Geological Survey Map Series

US Geological Survey publishes maps in the following series. The Publications Warehouse(see link below) allows one to search for USGS publications by author, title, subject, or series. The Advanced Search(see link below) option allows one to search or browse by series or limit to publications that are online or that can be downloaded for GIS applications. Print publications of the US Geological Survey are found in the US Government Documents Collection(see link below).