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Native American Studies Research Guide

The content of this guide was created by Joan Berman, Librarian Emerita

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More Reference Works

Each section is arranged in LC Classification order, to give a sense of the breadth of the disciplines included.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Hoxie, Frederick E. Encyclopedia of North American Indians (E 76.2 E53 1996)
  • Heard. Handbook of the American Frontier: Four Centuries of Indian-White Relationships, v.5: Chronology, etc. (E 76.2 H43 1987)
  • Klein, Barry. Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian (E 76.2 R4 2006)
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (E 77 G15 1998)
  • Hirschfelder, Arlene. The Native American Almanac: A Portrait of Native America Today (E 77 H59 1993)
  • Champagne, Duane. The Native North American Almanac (E 77 N362 1994)
  • Grinde, Donald A., Jr. Native Americans (E 93 N32 2002)
  • Moerman, Daniel E. Native American Ethnobotany (E98 B7 M66 1998 and online)  (See also Ebeling, Handbook of Indian foods and fibers of arid America (E78 W5 E34 1986)
  • Gill, Sam. Dictionary of Native American Mythology (E 98 R3 G46 1992)
  • Hirschfelder, Arlene. Encyclopedia of Native American Religions (E 98 R3 H73 2000)
  • Johansen, Bruce E. Praeger Handbook on Contemporary Issues in Native America (E 98 S67 J65 2007)
  • Johansen, Bruce E. Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Issues: An Encyclopedia (GF 50 J65 2003)
  • Fixico, Donald L. Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty (KF 8203.6 T74 2008)
  • American Indian Law Deskbook (KF 8205 A76 2004, suppl 2006)
  • Lester, Patrick D. Biographical Directory of Native American Painters (N 6536 L47 1995)
  • Wiget, Andrew Dictionary of Native American Literature (PM 155 D53 1994)
  • Witalic, Janet Native North American Literature (PM 155 N385 1994)
  • Langer, Howard J. American Indian Quotations (PN 6081.4 A43 1996)
  • Whitson, Kathy J. Native American Literatures: an encyclopedia of works, characters, authors, and themes (PS 153 I52 W47 1999)

Some Key Works on American Indians

  • Harrington, John Peabody Papers (E 58 H37 1981 vols.1,2,3,9 and microfilm MF2411, vol.2 only) See also J.P. Harrington Database Project
  • Valory. Guide to Ethnological Documents of the Department and Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley (E 77 C35 and microfilm MF2641).  The Guide is also available online.
  • Heizer. Catalogue of the C. Hart Merriam Collection of Data Concerning California Indian Tribes and Other American Indians (E 77 H45 and microfilm MF2639 and MF2640). The Guides are also available online (http://findaid.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/tf8c6006rv and http://findaid.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/tf9f59p6w7).
  • Bancroft Library A.L Kroeber Papers, 1869-1972 (E 77 C35 K7 1997 and microfilm MF2635). The Guide is also available online.
  • Curtis, Edward S. The North American Indian c 1907. 1970 (E 77 C97 1970 and online)
  • Schoolcraft, H. R. History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the U.S. 1851-1857 (E 77 S383 1969)
  • Swanton, John R. Indian Tribes of North America. 1952 (E 77 S94 1974). The California section is also online.
  • Cook, Sherburne. The Population of the California Indians (E 78 C15 C698 1976)
  • Johnston-Dodds, Kimberly. Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians (E 78 C15 J64 2002 and online). See also her website Calindianhistory.org
  • Kroeber, Alfred. Handbook of the Indians of California. 1925 (HumCo E 78 C15 K78 1976) This is online at the Claremont Colleges Digital Library.
  • Washburn, Wilcomb. The American Indian and the United States: A Documentary History (E 93 W27)
  • Indian Law Reporter. 1976- (KF 8201 A3 I5)
  • Indian Tribal Codes (ref KF 8203 I53 1980 and ref KF 8203 I53; ref microfiche MC 1731 and ref microfiche MC 1731; some also online)
  • Sebeok, Thomas. Native Languages of the Americas. 1977 (PM 108 N3)

In the Documents Collections

  • Kappler's Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties (Docs I 1.107 and online)
  • Hodge, Frederick. Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. (Docs SI 2.3 No. 30)
  • Johnson, Steven. Guide to American Indian Documents in the Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1889. (Docs Abstracts KF8201 A1 J63 and online project)                                 


  • Dockstader, Frederick J. The American Indian in Graduate Studies: A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations (E 58 D62 1973)
  • Hoxie, Frederick E. Native Americans: An Annotated Bibliography (E 77 H68 1991)
  • Berman, Joan. Ethnography and Folklore of the Indians of Northwestern California: A Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography (E 78 C15 B47) and available online.
  • Finding Guide for the California Indian Library Collections (E 78 C15 C2 1993 vol.1-8). The Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians are available online where the Preface chronicles the history of CILC.
  • Prucha, Francis Paul. A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States (E 93 P9653)
  • Webster, Kelly. Library Services to Indigenous Populations: Viewpoints & Resources (E97.8 L52 2005)
  • Clements, William M. Native American Folklore, 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography (E 98 F6 C584)
  • Keeling, Richard North American Indian Music: A Guide to Published Sources and Selected Recordings (ML 128 F75 K44 1997)
  • Lee, Dorothy Sara Native American Music and Oral Data: A Catalog of Sound Recordings, 1893-1976 (ML 156.2 I55)
  • Bibliography of Language Arts Materials for Native Americans: Bilingual, English as a Second Language Materials 1965-1974 (P 115 B5)
  • Bright, William. Bibliography of the Languages of Native California (PM 501 C2 B75)
  • Beam, Joan The Native American in Long Fiction (PS 374 I49 B43 1996 and 2003)
  • Kelso, Dianne. Bibliography of North American Indian Mental Health (RC 451.5 I5 K44)
  • Online

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