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2019 SkillShops LEADERBOARD

Leaderboard FAQ

The short version:

  • Each SkillShop earns you 100 points.
  • Each Online SkillShop earns you 100 points.
  • Each Digital project you create (based on the SkillShop you attended) earns you 200 points.
    • SkillShops projects have specific requirements; see below for details.
  • At the end of each month, we announce the current Leaderboard Leader who, along with the Leaderboard participants who have the highest score in their class standing, wins a $2 gift certificate to the Library Cafe.
    • You will be able to pick up your prize from the Check Out Desk in the week following the monthly winner announcement.
    • Thank you to Dining Services for supporting SkillShops and providing the wonderful prizes!
  • Sign up to compete on the Leaderboard now!

Each SkillShop you attend earns you 100 points.

You can attend one or more of the following Digital Media SkillShops or complete the online Canvas courses: Getting Started with Camtasia (also available as an online SkillShop), Getting Started with WordPress (also available as an online SkillShop), Presenting with Google Slides (online course available soon), or Editing Audio with Audacity (online course available soon).

After completing one of these Technology & Digital Media SkillShops you have the option to apply those new skills in making a digital project. For example, if you attend Great Resumes and Cover Letters and then go to Getting Started with WordPress, you can create an online resume or portfolio using WordPress. After attending one of the above Technology & Digital Media SkillShops, you may  complete a project for each SkillShop you have attended.

The project must include these elements:

  • Title of your project
  • Your name (or your unique username?)
  • Brief description of the tools used to make object
  • Explanation of how this project synthesized or used what you learned in the SkillShop (1-3 sentences)

You must submit your project by emailing it to within 1 week of taking the SkillShop.

The project you make should be a digital project and be tied to a SkillShop you attended. Options include video made with Camtasia, Google Slides Presentation, WordPress website, and/or audio project.

Each SkillShop Project will be reviewed and can earn up to 200 points with 50 possible points awarded for each area of the criteria below:

  • All elements and questions are answered fully (See Question 3 for required elements)
  • Demonstrate the skills learned in the SkillShop or from tutorial that your project is associated with
  • Connection to/understanding of/reflection about SkillShop content
  • Execution, Polish and/or Professionalism

You can earn between 50-200 points per project. One project can be completed per SkillShop you attend, however you must complete a Technology SkillShop prior to creating any SkillShop Projects related to the other 4 SkillShop areas.

A Skilled Learner takes 5 SkillShops in a semester in at least three different categories (Personal Growth, College & Study Skills, Technology & Digital Media, Leadership & Career and Finding & Using Information). Once you have done this you can apply for the Skilled Learner Certificate. Your name is then added to the Library website along with other Skilled Learners. In the semester you complete the certificate you and your fellow Skilled Learners also will have a party to celebrate your accomplishment.

Completing and submitting the Skilled Learner Application is worth 200 points.

You must sign in and attend the full 50 minutes of the SkillShop to receive points to add to your leaderboard score.

Points take up to 5 days to appear on the leaderboard. If they aren’t correct after 5 days pass, check with Cheryl ( Make sure to include the title and date of the SkillShop that you think your points are missing from.

Historic Leaders

Spring 2018 Leaders

February 16th: JillianMA

February 23rd: The Tie-Dye Doc

March 2nd:

Top Freshman: JillianMA and karissa (tie)

Top Sophomore: two geese stacked inside a trench coat

Top Senior: Stellar

March 9th: The Tie-Dye Doc

March 23rd: The Tie-Dye Doc

March 30th: 

Top Freshman: JillianMA and karissa (tie)

Top Sophomore: two geese stacked inside a trench coat

Top Junior: Estuardo_2015

Top Senior: Stellar

April 6th: The Tie-Dye Doc

Fall 2017 Leaders

September 1st: iav1

September 8th:  Cheryl & iav1 (tie)

September 15th: Cindy

September 22nd: Melin

September 29th: Melin

October 6th: Melin

October 13th:

Top Freshman: Melin

Top Sophomore: Rose & Meiling (tie)

Top Junior: Chaaaally

Top Senior: Cindy, elliotkane & shrek (tie)

Top Graduate Student: iav1

October 20th: Cheyen_ne_

Attended the most SkillShops this week: Emma & Mel Castellon (tie)

October 27th: Melin

November 3rd: Melin

November 13th: 

Top Freshman: Melin

Top Sophomore: Rose

Top Juniors: ajt374 & ItsWednesdayMyDude (tie)

Top Senior: mc

Top Graduate Student: iav1

November 20th: Melin
December 1st: Melin
End of the Semester:

Top Freshman: Melin

2nd Place Freshman: Cheyen_ne_ 

Top Sophomore: Rose

Top Juniors: ItsWednesdayMyDude

2nd Place Junior: ajt374 

Top Senior: mc

2nd Place Senior: shrek

Top Graduate Student: iav1