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Digital Media Lab

This guide is to help you learn how to create digital media projects

Workshops & Events


The HSU Digital Media Lab (DML) is here to help you create video, audio, photo, and web-based projects. We have equipment to borrow, including cameras, microphones, virtual reality, 3D scanner, and many accessories. We also have computers with production and editing software available to all students, all day.

The DML also offers instruction on learning and managing the equipment and programs needed to create your projects. Through regular SkillShops and special events, the DML is the place on campus to learn about digital media. Interested in creating digital projects? Not sure where to start? Looking for some inspiration? The DML is the place to get new ideas, get your hands on great equipment and software and learn about new tools. Contact us to learn more or to set up a one-on-one tutoring session.

Tim Miller, Digital Media & Learning Librarian - - 707.826.4959

Want to know what's available? Have other questions?

Flip through the DML Equipment Guide on Issuu.

  • How long can I keep it?
    • DML Equipment is due back the next at closing. Be sure you know what the current hours are!
  • How much does it cost? 
    • Nothing! As long as you return it on time... Late fees are $5 per day.
  • Is the (blank) available now?
  • How many (blank) do you have?
    • Check the library catalog and look to see how many copies there are and whether or not they are available.

360 Photos

360 Video SkillShops



GoPro SkillShops

Interactive 360 Photos

Research Help

Tim Miller
Office: Library 307
Research Help Desk hours:
Mo 5-7pm; Tu & We 1-3p
AACAE (NHE 206) hours :
Fri 1:00p-2:00p
Social:Twitter Page

What's happening at the DML?

‚ÄčMobile DML

New Spring hours: Fridays 1-2p

Meet at the AACAE (NHE 206) - rotating topics and equipment demos