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Creating Presentations

The guide to creating and recording presentations.


There are many ways to create presentations and share them online. This guide is intended to give you a few tips and recommendations on how you can create your next project.

Video Recordings

If you plan to turn your presentation into a video that you can share online, there are a variety of ways that you can do this. We suggest two options that offer quite a few options to make it work best for you.

Record as a Video

You can turn your slide presentation into a video recording by simply recording it as you present. Using software to record your screen and your voice, it is very similar to just presenting it as you would in a live face-to-face situation. This option is best for people who don't want to spend a lot of time editing the video but would rather spend time on rehearsing so they can present their presentation as though they are presenting to a live audience. To learn more, visit the Screen Recording page.

Save as a Video

In MS PowerPoint, you can save your presentation directly as a video- if you like PowerPoint, this is likely the easiest option. You can also import that video into a video editor to add more features. To learn more, visit the PPT to Video page.

Edit Into a Video

Alternatively, you can use a video editor to create a video by importing your slides and recording your voiceover narration separately. This option is nice for people who prefer to spend time on one thing at a time and want to avoid rehearsing and then presenting it all in one go. This option also means that you will spend more time editing and less time rehearsing. To learn more, visit the Video Editing page.