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Creating Presentations

The guide to creating and recording presentations.


Creating a screen recording is pretty much what it sounds like -- you can record anything that is happening on your screen. Depending on the program, you can also:

  • record your webcam simultaneously
  • record system audio (the sounds happening within your computer)
  • external audio (sounds picked up by your computer's microphone)

There are many programs you can use to create screen recordings. Below is a list of programs that are free to all HSU students, staff and faculty. Some will work on mobile devices as well. Check out the Your Phone page for more details.

You may also want to borrow some equipment from the Digital Media Lab at the Library. There are plenty of microphones and cameras that you can borrow for three days for free! Learn more on the Equipment page.

Zoom Screen Recordings

Zoom is a program that includes web audio/video conferences, messaging, screen sharing, and allows you to record your sessions. You can use Zoom to record a presentation that you present to yourself and then upload the recording where people can view it later. Free for all HSU students, staff, and faculty.

Note: this video was produced by San Diego State University, to access Zoom at HSU, visit https://humboldtstate.zoom.us/.

Quicktime Screen Recordings

Apple's QuickTime Player is a basic program for viewing videos but it also has screen recording capabilities. QuickTime comes with all Mac computers for free and is a quick and easy way to record your screen.

Camtasia Screen Recordings

Camtasia is a fairly easy to learn yet powerful video editor that is available on Cal Poly Humboldt campus computers. It is primarily used for creating screen captures (recording your computer screen) but is also great for editing film.

To edit a video on multiple devices (like if you start editing in the library computer lab and then continue in the Founder's Hall lab the next day) be sure to save your project as a standalone project .

Available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122).

Screencast-o-matic Screen Recordings

Screencast-O-Matic is a freemuim screen recording and editing program. The free version is limited to 15 minutes of recording time and includes no editing features.