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Fisheries Biology Research Guide

Books & Library Catalogs

The Library Catalog lists all of the books videos and CDs at the Cal Poly Humboldt University Library.  

A keyword search is usually the best way to begin.  When you find items of interest, check the catalog records for subject headings or other terms to modify your search.

You can borrow books from other libraries with our InterLibrary Loan service. For details about the ILL policies, view the ILL FAQ page.

Call Numbers: Library of Congress Classification

Print Books

E-Books Online

Call Numbers for Fisheries Books

Our Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to assign call numbers. In this system, the first two or three lines of a call number identify the subject of a book or other item. The main call number used for Fisheries and Fish Culture is SH.

GB Physical Geography
1201-1598 Rivers
1601-1798 Lakes
HD Economics
9450-9469 Fishery Economics
QH Biology
91-95 Marine Biology
96-100 Freshwater Biology. Limnology
QL Zoology
619-637 Fish by Geographic Region
637.9-638 Osteichthys - Taxonomy & Biology by Order and Family
638.12-638.25 Agnatha
638.6-638.95 Chondrichthyes - Taxonomy & Biology by Order and Family
638.97-639.8 Fish Biology
SH Fisheries and Fish Culture
20-170 Aquaculture. Fish Culture
171-199 Fish Diseases, Pests and Environmental Pollutants
200-324 Fisheries in Particular Waters
325-329 Fishery Management and Conservation - General
330-345 Fishery Technology and Commercial Fishery Methods
346-364 Fishery Management and Conservation - Individual Species
365-380 Shellfish Culture and Fisheries
381-387 Whaling
400-700 Sport Fishing, Angling
TD Environmental Engineering
420-427 Water Pollution 


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Other Library Catalogs

Following are some specific library catalogs that include significant collections on fish and fisheries:

  • FAO Catalogue (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Includes all documents and publications produced by FAO since 1945, and books added to the FAO Library since 1976. Provides links to fulltext when available.
  • National Agricultural Library (US Department of Agriculture) Detailed catalog of book, serial, and government document literature acquired since 1862 by the major agricultural research library in the United States. Many serial publications are individually cataloged.
  • NOAA Library (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) Includes holdings of libraries throughout NOAA, including the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  • Oregon State University Library
  • Streamnet Library Focus is on technical report literature on anadromous fisheries in the Columbia Basin.
  • WorldFish Center Library Empahsis is on fisheries and aquaculture in the developing world.

How To Videos

The following short videos will show you how to accomplish some basic research tasks.