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Education iPads

A quick guide to recording a teaching session with the Education iPad kit.

Recording Video & Audio

This guide includes some of the basic info you'll need to record your class session with the Education iPad kits. You can pick up an iPad kit at the Checkout Desk in the lobby of the library any time the library is open.

However, there are a few ways to record your session and you aren't limited to using an iPad. The navigation menu to the left (at the top of the screen on mobile devices) points you to some resources for general tips for shooting video and recording audio.

Below are some links to other recording gear you can borrow from the library.

To learn about the kit and how to set it up for your teaching session, visit the Using the iPad Recording Kit guide.

For help or to meet with someone for a one-on-one consultation, email us at makerspace@humboldt.edu.

Video Equipment

We have plenty of great video equipment you can borrow, listed on our Creating Video page. Many of these mics work with the cameras you can borrow from the library.

Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is listed on our Creating Audio page. Don't forget that the audio in your video project is as important as the video itself. Depending on your project, you may want to capture your audio to a separate device in order to get the best quality. Many of the cameras have built-in mics that are fine, but some are lacking.