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International Studies Research Guide

International Studies


Off-Campus Housing (Many Countries)

Apartments Overseas (Many Countries)

Room Go (Argentina)

Easy Piso (Spain)

How To Germany (Germany)

China Internship Placements (China)

Comparto Depto (Chile)

Comparto Depa (Mexico)

Paris Unraveled (France)

Housing Anywhere (Many Countries)


Scott’s Cheap Flights








Google Flights


Airfare Watchdog


Travel Pirates and Holiday Pirates Excellent deals & error fares


Mis Viajes Low Cost Spain and Europe (written in Spanish)

Travelzoo *PRO TIP: Sign up for Travelzoo Top 20 newsletter to receive the best deals listed each Wednesday!

Fare Deal Alert Daily flight deals

HelloWings Expert on low cost carriers. 365 day chart to find cheapest price.

All The Flight Deals Deals and error fares (You can also sign up for alerts from your airport!)

Secret Flying Shows error fares & deals

Matt’s Flights A great site/newsletter that sends error fares/cheap flights/cruise deals

Skiplagged Find cheaper flights by buying a flight with a layover in the city you're actually trying to go to (hidden-city fares)