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International Studies Research Guide

International Studies

Graduate School Programs in International Studies

Graduate School Programs are advanced academic courses of study (beyond a Bachelor's degree). Most graduate programs in International Studies are terminal Masters (MA) programs, but some continue to PhD.There are countless programs relevant to International Studies, including International Relations and Global Studies. The graduate school search engine at the bottom of the page may help you investigate more options.

International Studies refers to the study of political, economic, social, and cultural international phenomena. The term refers to understanding the contemporary world and the complex relationships that govern our global society.

International Relations deals with political entities such as nation states, inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (INGOs), and multinational corporations (MNCs) using theoretical perspectives. 

Global Studies is the interdisciplinary study of political, economic, cultural, and ecological globalization.

UC Berkeley MA in Global Studies

UC San Francisco MA in International Studies

Middlebury (Monterey) MA in Translation; Translation and Interpretation; Conference InterpretationMA in TESOL and Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign LanguageMA in International Trade and Economic DiplomacyMA in International Education ManagementMA in International Policy and Development

Stanford MA in International Policy

California State University, Sacramento MA in International Affairs

UC San Diego MA in International AffairsMA in Public PolicyMA in International AffairsMA in Chinese Economic and Political Affairs

Biola Intercultural Studies, M.A. and Ph.D

University of the Pacific Accelerated MA in Public Administration, Int'l Policy and Development and Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Chapman MA in International Studies

UC Santa Barbara MA and PhD in Global Studies 

UCLA African StudiesEast Asian StudiesLatin American Studies

University of British Columbia MA in Public Policy and Global AffairsMA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Simon Fraser University MA in International Studies

University of Washington MA and PhD in International Studies

University of Oregon MA in International Studies

Graduate Professional Programs

Graduate Professional Programs help prepare students for specific international career. The length of these programs vary. Professional degrees are often required by law before an individual can begin a certain working in a particular international field.

The Heller School at Brandeis University


Fordham University


American University: School of International Service


Tufts University: School of International Affairs  


George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs