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This guide is to help you learn how to create digital media projects

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Online Tutorials

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials with sample files to learn:

The Adobe tutorials for Premiere Pro can get you started using this very powerful video editor. The beginner series includes 10 steps with a total of 2.5 hours of video and covers the basics of starting a project, editing and saving it. The tutorials are entirely free: 


  1. Create a project and import a clip

    • Create a project
    • Workspace overview
    • Import media
    • Build a sequence
  2. Explore Premiere Pro panels

    • Work with the Project panel
    • Source and Program monitors
    • Explore the Timeline panel
  3. Learn editing skills

    • Create a new sequence
    • Add clips to a sequence
    • Remove clips from a sequence
    • Move clips in a sequence
    • Make simple audio adjustments
  4. Work with graphics and titles

    • Work with image files
    • Create a new title
    • Change the size of clips
  5. Adjust the timeline of your edits

    • Trim clips on the Timeline
    • Trim clips in the Program Monitor
    • Use Sync Locks and Track Locks
  6. Change the look of your clips

    • Learn basic correction options
    • Apply a Look to your clips
    • Make creative adjustments
    • Using color wheels
  7. Add effects

    • Add transition effects
    • Add visual effects
    • Stabilize a clip
    • Create effect presets
  8. Work with audio

    • Record a voice-over
    • Adjust volume over time
    • Sweeten the sound
  9. Work with your clips

    • Understand frame rates and audio channels
    • Change clip playback speed
    • Set audio level for multiple clips
  10. Share your created movie

    • Export a video file
    • Share on social media

Video Tutorials

Using the Google Slides Mobile App (Klamath Connection Assignment)