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Tutorials and Videos on Research

Videos and website tutorials on library resources, research skills and other services.

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Begin Research Tutorial

Begin Your Research at HSU


Self paced tutorial to guide you through beginning your research, the knowledge cycle, finding books, finding articles, making citations, basic searching and advanced searching.

Begin Your Research at HSU Tutorial


  • Increase your knowledge of the information cycle.
  • Sharpen your ability to locate information required for your assignments.
  • Proceed at your own pace.
  • Login with your HSU ID and Password to recieve credit from your instructor
  • Click the blue button at the bottom left of each section to move forward.
  • Click on a section to begin.

module titles of tutorial series

Section 1: Begin Research

Learn more about understanding your assignment and choosing a suitable topic. Then you can select appropriate keywords to search.

Average Time: 9 minutes

Section 2: Knowledge Cycle

Become familiar with the information cycle and the purpose of various information sources. Understand how different disciplines define primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
Average Time: 10 minutes

Section 3: Find Books

Discover why books can be valuable sources, and learn where to search for them.

Average Time: 9 minutes

Section 4: Find Articles

Find out how to locate articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals in library databases.

Average Time: 9 minutes

Section 5: Make Citations 

Discover why accurate citations are important and identify information required for any citation style.

Average Time: 9 minutes

Section 6: Basic Search

Start a search and improve your search results by incorporating useful strategies.

Average Time: 15 minutes

Section 7: Advanced Search

Increase your search skills by incorporating subject searching, limiting by specific fields, and exploring additional databases.
Average Time: 12 minutes

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