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HSU Student Snapshots

Student Snapshots is a collection of video stories from Humboldt State University (HSU) students in their own voice.

Student Snapshots

“Student Snapshots” is a collection of video stories from Humboldt State University (HSU) students in their own voice. These stories are about the experiences of students as they live in Humboldt County and explore both the county and the HSU campus. Student Snapshots are quick 1-minute stories that share your unique experience from your own vantage point. Your story is important and you have something to share with HSU and beyond. If you have never made a video before, this is your chance to learn how- we have workshops and resources to help you with your Snapshot.

Your voice needs to be heard!

What have been your experiences navigating Humboldt County? Do you feel connected to the area? In what ways do you feel--or not--like a member of the community? By sharing your voice, you will be helping to build an anthology of student stories, told by students themselves. We will be gathering these stories over the next few years; this is your chance to be a part of this inaugural cohort of storytellers!


We will be screening the first Student Snapshots videos at this year’s IdeaFest on April 19th, 2018. Submit your video by sending a link to your YouTube video to HSUStudentSnapshots@gmail.com by April 17th, 2018 to be a part of this groundbreaking project. We will also have a recording booth at IdeaFest where you can record your story that day. After you record, drop in to the Digital Media Lab open house that day to edit your video and learn how to craft your story.

Get Started

You can check out equipment from the Library's Digital Media Lab- just ask at the front desk. We have many cameras and audio recorders & mics to choose from. Everything is free to borrow for three days. 

You can also join us for the video story telling workshop series from March 27th to April 11th. Attend all three workshops and submit your video to earn your videography badge and win a Library Cafe gift card!

For you self-starters out there, whether you have your own fancy camera and mic or just a smartphone, there are many ways to create your video. Take a look at our online video editing workshop and other resources for tips on shooting and editing your video. 

What is your story?

HSU Student Snapshots

Add your voice to the current collection of stories (and see some examples to inspire your video) at the HSU Student Snapshots YouTube channel. The Digital Media Lab can help you with your video, whether shooting and editing all on your phone, or using our equipment and software to shoot and edit your masterpiece. You can borrow cameras, tripods, audio recorders, and more from the Library and edit your project using Digital Media Lab software. You can also attend the Digital Storytelling SkillShops series and earn your videography badge along the way. Whatever questions or hurdles you have, we can help. Email us at HSUStudentSnapshots@gmail.com.

How to Submit Your Story

1. Create your video -- Need help? Check out the equipment you can borrow, our online resources and the workshops you can attend

2. Upload your video to YouTube -- you can use your HSU account or a personal account. 

3. Email HSUStudentSnapshots@gmail.com to let us know and we'll add it to the playlist.

4. Tell your friends and family -- use #HSUStudentSnapshots to tag your posts!