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Physics & Astronomy Research Guide

Books & Library Catalogs

The Library Catalog lists all of the books videos and CDs at the Cal Poly Humboldt University Library.  

A keyword search is usually the best way to begin.  When you find items of interest, check the catalog records for subject headings or other terms to modify your search.

You can borrow books from other libraries with our InterLibrary Loan service. For details about the ILL policies, view the ILL FAQ page.

Call Numbers: Library of Congress Classification

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Call Numbers for Physics & Astronomy Books

Our Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to assign call numbers. In this system, the first two or three lines of a call number identify the subject of a book or other item.  The main call number used for Astronomy is QB and for Physics is QC.

QB Astronomy
QB 1 -139      General
QB 140-237   Practical and spherical astronomy
QB 275-343   Geodesy
QB 349-421   Theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics
QB 455-456   Astrogeology
QB 468-480   Non-optical methods of astronomy
QB 495-903   Descriptive astronomy
QB 980-991   Cosmogony. Cosmology 
QC Physics
QC 1-75         General
QC 81-114    Weights and measures
QC 120-168  Descriptive and experimental mechanics
QC 170-197  Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
QC 221-246  Acoustics. Sound
QC 251-338  Heat
QC 350-467  Optics. Light
QC 474-496  Radiation physics
QC 501-766  Electricity and magnetism
QC 770-798  Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
QC 801-809  Geophysics. Cosmic physics
QC 811-849  Geomagnetism
QC 851-999  Meterology. Climatology


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How To Videos

The following short videos will show you how to accomplish some basic research tasks.