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Music Research Guide

Browse the Stacks

Books and journals on music, music theory, instrumentation, and music history are located in the M, ML, and MT.

Use this guide to browse the library stacks (2nd floor) for resources on Music:

M                                  MUSIC                   
M 2-2.3 Musical sources
M 3-3.3 Collected works of composers
M 5-1480 Instrumental music
M 1000-1075 Orchestra
M 1100-1160 String orchestra
M 1200-1270 Band music
M 1366 Music for jazz ensembles
M 1495-2199 Vocal music
M 1530-1609 Choruses (secular)
M 1627-1853 Folk, national and ethnic music
M 1999-2199 Sacred vocal music
ML 47-54.8 Librettos. Texts. Scenarios
ML 100-109 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
ML 159-3785 History and criticism
MT 5.5-7 Music theory
MT 40-67  Composition
MT 70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT 955-956 Musical theater


See the full M classification here.

Books & Library Catalogs

To find books, use library catalogs, such as the HSU Library Catalog, WorldCat, or other libraries. The search terms you use in the HSU Library Catalog also work in other library catalogs, and the search techniques are similar. If you need help with catalog searching, please Ask a Librarian.

In the HSU Library Catalog QuickSearch, you can search by Keyword, Title (leave out the initial article, in any language), Subject (you must know the Library of Congress subject heading), Author (last name first), or Call Number.

Keyword is the most powerful of these.

    • Use Keywords for composer's name, title of work, genre, instrumentation, etc. Include the term criticism, if appropriate.
    • If your keyword has one or more phrases, enclose each phrase in quotation marks:
"rolling stones"
"folk music"  history
"chamber music"  "20th century"
    • Use the ? as a truncation symbol at the end of a word to retrieve variant endings. For example:
"folk music"  ir? for Irish or Ireland
"folk music"  gree? For Greek or Greece

Here are a few more tips:

  • Keyword searching works best if you have no more than two or three terms (word or phrases) in your search.
  • Library of Congress subject headings use the singular form of a musical form or genre for books about the genre and the plural form for examples of the genre. For example, fugue will find books about the fugue as a musical form, while fugues will find examples of fugues (scores or recordings).
  • The Library of Congress has designations for time periods in Western music history that do not always correspond to the familiar period names. The LC designations are added to all relevant records in the HSU Library Catalog and are searchable, so it is useful to know what they are:
To 500
500 - 1400
15th century
16th century
17th century
18th century
19th century
20th century
(includes Medieval music)
(includes Medieval and Renaissance music)
(includes Renaissance music)
(includes Renaissance and Baroque music)
(includes Baroque and Classical music)
(includes Classical and Romantic music

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