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Citing Items From Special Collections


This guide serves as a resource for citing items you find in Special Collections. You may be required to cite primary sources such as photographs, collections, pamphlets, and other materials. Many citation styles exist outside of the styles covered in this guide (APA, Chicago, MLA). Consult the style guide you are using to learn how to cite your chosen source appropriately.

Additional Citation Resources

In addition to the information on this guide, additional resources can assist you with citations:

Importance of Citation

When conducting research it is vital for you to cite your sources. This process gives proper attribution to your referenced works and enables others to see where you obtained your information. Given the historical nature of primary resources, you want other researchers to be able to locate the same information you used for your own research. 

Style Determines Format

Citation styles will influence the order and appearance of the elements of your citation. For example, one style might have you underline the title of an article while the other might have you put the title in quotations. Make sure you understand what pieces of information the style you use requires and how it must appear.