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Citing Items From Special Collections

Citing a Photograph

Image source: Pixabay

Examples of a Photograph Citation


Gillis, C. E. Section of City of Arcata, Cal. [digital image]. HCC Photo Collection (Arcata, 1999.07.0011). Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, CA. 


Gillis. Section of City of Arcata, Cal. January 5, 1907. HCC Photo Collection, Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, CA. Accessed September 25, 2017 from http://library.humboldt.edu/humco/holdings/photocoll.htm.


Gillis, C. E. Section of City of Arcata, Cal. HCC Photo Collection, January 5, 1907, Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, California.  

Photograph Citation Format


Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of photograph. [Description of photograph]. Name of Collection (Call number, Box number, File name or number, etc). Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, CA. 


Author's Last Name, First Name (if given). Title of Photograph(if given). Photograph. Item # or Box/Folder # or Folder Name. Collection Name. Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, CA. (If you access the image from a digital collection, add the date of access and the url)


Author. Title of Photograph*. Title of Container, Other contributors, Version, Publisher, Publication Date, Cal Poly Humboldt Library, Arcata, California.

*Note: In some instances, your title of source will be in quotation marks as opposed to italics. Consult the MLA style guide for clarification.