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Government Information and Publications

This research guide contains resources related to government information and finding Federal and State of California government documents.


Federal Depository Library Program

Since 1964, the Cal Poly Humboldt Library has been a member of the Federal Depository Library Program serving California's 2nd Congressional District. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code).  

The Library also serves as a depository for documents issued by the State of California. 

These documents encompass a wide range of material, including legal, legislative, statistical data, books, reports, research studies, consumer guides, archival material, maps, etc., in electronic, print, and/or microform format.

This Research Guide is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all government documents at Cal Poly Humboldt, rather it is meant to be a starting place for finding resources published by the U.S government that are available in print at Cal Poly Humboldt and online.

Not all government documents are cataloged and you may need to use the  U.S. Documents Shelflist for pre-1998 documents. This shelflist is available as a card catalog on the second floor by the government documents.  If a document is available in microfiche M or MICROFICHE is noted on the shelflist card. Paper copies are noted with a checkmark. In some cases the Library has both microfiche and paper. The catalog is organized by SuDoc Classification. For more information about SuDoc Classification check out the section "How Government Documents are Organized" below. 

If you need further help, stop by the Research Help Desk (located on the 1st Floor in the lobby), Special Collections (3rd Floor), or ask a librarian today!

U.S. Government Documents are now located primarily on the 2nd Floor, north or in storage (Access can be requested at the Checkout Desk or through OneSearch).

How Government Documents are Organized

Government Documents are organized by the agency that produced them rather than by subject.  Below is the alphabetical list of agencies and the letter(s) that represent the agency. This is referred to as SuDoc Classification. 
SuDoc Classification Alphabetic Symbol and Author
Alphabetic Symbol
A Agriculture
AE National Archives and Records Administration
B Broadcasting Board of Governors
C Commerce Department
CC Federal Communications Commission
CR Civil Rights Commission
D Defense Department
E Energy Department
ED Education Department
EP Environmental protection Agency
FA Fine Arts Commission
FCA Farm Credit Administration
FHF Federal Housing Financing Board
FM Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FR Federal Reserve System Board of Governors
FT Federal Trade Commission
FTZ Foreign-Trade Zones Board
GA Government Accountability Office
GP Government Printing Office
GS General Services Administration
HE Health and Human Services Department
HH Housing and Urban Development Department
HS Homeland Security
I Interior Department
IC Interstate Commerce Commission
ID US Agency for International Development
ITC International Trade Commission
J Justice Department
JU Judiciary
L Labor Department
LC Library of Congress
LR National Labor Relations Board
MS Merit Systems Protection Board
NAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NC National Capital Planning Commission
NCU National Credit Union Administration
NF National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
NMB National Mediation Board
NS National Science Foundation
OP Overseas Private Investment Corporation
P United States Postal Service
PE Peace Corps
PM Personnel Management Office
PR President of the United States
PREX Executive Office of the President
PRVP Vice President of the United States
RR Railroad Retirement Board
S State Department
SBA Small Business Administration
SE Securities and Exchange Commission
SI Smithsonian Institution
SSA Social Security Administration
T Treasury Department
TD Transportation Department
TDA US Trade and Development Agency
VA Veterans Affairs Department
X and Y Congress

U.S. Federal and State Laws and How the Governement is Organized

WestLaw provides access to documentation for court cases, laws, regulations at the Federal and State levels.

For more information about the organization of the U.S. Government see the chart below. Visit USA.gov's page "About the Organization of the U.S. Government" to learn more about how laws are made, enforced, and interpreted/evaluated in the different branches.