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Evaluating Information

How to evaluate information, from fabricated news to unreliable research

How to avoid the filter bubble

Okay, you've learned about the filter bubble and how you may be unwittingly confirming your own biases based on your customized search results. How can you get out of the bubble?

Practically speaking, the same tools that cause the filter bubble also make your online searching and even your life more streamlined and convenient. Even the most privacy-conscious folks (like me) appreciate the convenience of a networked world. To get out of the filter bubble you don't have to go off the grid, swear off Google and delete all of your social media accounts. 

A big part of getting accurate and useful information is in understanding how to find and use information. Learning about the filter bubble, confirmation bias and evaluating websites will help you add a healthy dose of skepticism to your information consumption. Now that you're more aware of what to avoid, when you're afraid of falling into a trap like the filter bubble, check out some of the privacy tools on this page.

Search Privacy & Tracking

Privacy tools help to block any tracking cookies or other programs that are used to identify you. 

Private Browsing

Use these privacy tools with your browser to fly under the radar while you search:

Privacy Tools and Add ons

These add-ons work across browsers and give you extra information about tracking. 

Privacy Toolkits

Learn more about advanced ways to protect your privacy from these toolkits

Mobile Privacy