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Creating Audio Projects

The guide to recording and editing an audio project.

Pocket Recording Studio

Photo of woman speaking into a phone

Almost any smartphone (even older models) can do most of what you need to create a basic podcast. There are a variety of voice recording apps and audio editors as well as some apps that are specifically designed for creating podcasts. If you are interested in creating music, visit our Creating Music page for even more options.

Voice Memos (iOS)

Voice Memos comes free with iPhones and is a quick and easy way to record and make minor edits to your audio project. Voice Memos is also a great way to create an easy audio backup when you're using other microphones.

Spotify for Podcaters (formerly Anchor)

Anchor is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) that makes it easy to create your podcast project. You can also use Anchor to host and sell your podcast, if you want to take it to the next level.

GarageBand for iOS

Though it is only available on iPhones (iOS), GarageBand is a fairly robust app that will allow you to do almost anything you need to create an audio project, from simple voice recordings for podcasts, to multi-track music recordings.

The desktop version of GarageBand is available in the Makerspace Lab (Library 122) on Mac computers (and most Macs on campus).


Spreaker is a platform for recording, editing and distributing podcasts. The free plans offer all of these services and if you plan to monetize your podcast, you will need to move to a paid plan (starting at $7.00/mo). Available as a desktop app (Windows and Mac) and mobile app (iOS and Android). Many of the tutorials are also offered in Portuguese.

Desktop App

Phone Apps

Cell Phone Recording Kit

Smartphone tripod

The cell phone recording kit is a simple way to improve the projects you create with your smartphone. The tripod mount will hold phones up to 3.4" wide (including many plus-sized phones like the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+). If the exceptionally flexible Vivitar SP6 spider tripod isn't up to your project, the mount will fit onto any standard tripod.

Can I check one out now?

What you need to get started

The simple kit is fairly straightforward, but remember:

  • The mount will work with most tripods, including all of our larger options.
  • This kit will work with all of our cameras and digital recorders.

How do I use this thing?!

Simply thread the camera mount to the tripod to get started. You can adjust the spider legs in many positions, even wrapping it around like a hook to get those really awkward shots.

Untitled Smartphone tripod