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Preparing for a sociology conference poster presentation

Funding Your Trip

Work with your professors to ensure that the details for your conference trip are arranged prior to your departure. In the event you need to contribute funding to attend a conference, seek out resources such as scholarships to help cover expenses. The follow is a select list of potential funding sources:

Conference-specific Funding Sources

Local Funding Sources

  • Cal Poly Humboldt College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences - Twice a year the CAHSS office send out calls for travel funding requests. The main call goes out in early September and is for travel occurring between November 1 and June 30. The other call is sent out in April with a deadline of mid May. This is an early call for funding requests for the following academic year (July 1-June 30).  
  • Cal Poly Humboldt Scholarships Page - Here you will find a list of scholarships available only to Cal Poly Humboldt students. Some scholarships may be applicable to conference travel.
  • Humboldt Area Foundation - This local philanthropic organization provides grants to residents of Humboldt County, as well as Trinity, Del Norte, and Curry (Oregon) Counties. Search the list of HAF grants to see if any can be applied to conference travel. HAF also has a resource for student scholarships as well.