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Wildlife Research Guide

Wildlife Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways - General and Government Documents

The Internet contains both popular and scholarly information of interest in wildlife, including information from government agencies and organizations. While there are perhaps 100 billion "public" web pages there are 900 billion more pages in the "deep web"(see link below). These are hidden behind firewalls of commercial firms and within databases that generate information based on a specific inquiry.


There are two major approaches to locating material on the Internet. One commonly used approach is to use Google and other general Internet search tools to search by keyword to identify information on "public" web pages. The other approach is to use "subject directories" that contain a more selective and focused collection of resources. They are frequently organized into categoried lists of subjects that can be browsed until a useful information source is located. Subject directories are also good sources for finding "deep web"(see link below) resources containing information not identified by general Internet search engines.

The following individuals, organizations, and universities maintain directories, portals, and gateways of interest to wildlife biologists and managers:

Wildlife Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways - Amphibians and Reptiles

Wildlife Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways - Mammals