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Environmental Science Research Guide

Primary Legal Sources

The Statutory, Case and Administrative Law: Federal and California research guide lists general resources for federal and California statutory, case and administrative law including U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and U.S. Congress. The following specific compilations focus on environmental or natural resources law:


United States


Other States



Databases can be used to find popular, scholarly, and professional legal literature published in journals, reviews, magazines, conference proceedings, government documents, and other types of publications. 

ProQuest Congressional PublicationsSee Legal Research: Guides for suggestions on how to search the database.

Current Legislation and Policy

In addition to the following sources see Current Legislation and Policy for general sources that also track environmental/natural resource legislation and policy and Environmental Science Current Awareness/News for related news coverage.

United States
The websites of environmental organizations often track legislation and policy developments in their area of interest. 

California environmental organizations often track legislation in their area of interest. See California Environment Information Sources--Directories to identify organizations of interest.

  • Legislation (Planning and Conservation League) Tracks current bills related to the environment and public health.
  • California Environmental Scorecard (California League of Conservation Voters) Includes the "Annual Guide to Environmental Legislation and Votes" from 1988 to the present.


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The WEX legal dictionary and encyclopdia provides two brief overviews on Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law as a starting point.

Internet Guides


United States

California California Environmental Law (CalEPA)

In addition to the specific guides above many of the General Legal Internet Guides include sections on environmental and natural resources law.


This page lists legal resources concerning general environmental and natural resources law that are available in the HSU Library or on the Internet. 

Regarding specific environmental and natural resources law you can consult other research guide sources as follows

Google Scholar

Link your Google Scholar results to HSU and see which articles you have access to as an HSU student. Under Google Scholar settings, set "Library Links" to include Humboldt State University! View this short video for demonstration on how to do this.

Journals and Reviews

Print and/or online fulltext journals and law reviews are available through the HSU Library. Check the Journal and Newspaper Finder for exact holdings. The online fulltext for many of these titles is available in Westlaw.

  • Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
  • Buffalo Environmental Law Review
  • Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
  • Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
  • Ecology Law Quarterly
  • Environmental Law
  • Fordham Environmental Law Journal
  • Great Plains Natural Resources Journal
  • Harvard Environmental Law Review
  • Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy
  • Journal of Land, Resources and Environmental Law
  • Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law
  • Land Use and Environment Law Review
  • Land and Water Law Review
  • Natural Resources Journal
  • Pace Environmental Law Review
  • Penn State Environmental Law Review
  • South Carolina Environmental Law Review
  • Stanford Environmental Law Review
  • Temple Environmental Law and Technology Journal
  • Tulane Environmental Law Review
  • UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
  • University of Baltimore Journal of Environmental Law
  • Villanova Environmental Law Review
  • Water Law
  • William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
  • Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal