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Social Science Data Research Guide

Research Guide to Social Science Data to support the Social Science Research & Instructional Center (SSRIC).

Reading Data into SPSS Using a Setup File

This is the process for reading ICPSR data into SPSS using a set up file.

Time: 6 minutes

Other Resources

From Ed

On the SSRIC web site there is a page for workshops. On this page there are stand-alone, one-hour powerpoints that introduce the reader to the three social science data bases -- Field, Roper, ICPSR. They are pretty exhaustive in covering data access to these archives.

John and I are going to create four to five minute YouTube videos which will be a quick introduction to Field, Roper, and ICPSR. they are for getting someone started and telling them where to go for more info. I'll send them to Josh when we have finished them.