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Social Science Data Research Guide

Research Guide to Social Science Data to support the Social Science Research & Instructional Center (SSRIC).

Statistics through Datasets

Examples of Citing

Existing Data Sources

Free Data Sets

Other Data Sets from SSRIC website

    • General Social Survey (GSS).
      Various datasets from 1972 to present, including the cumulative file for 1972-2012. They can be downloaded from the National Opinion Research Center site in SPSS or Stata format. In addition, several instructional subsets of GSS data are available on the SSRIC site here.

    • Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA).
      Developed at UC Berkeley,SDA allows users to do statistical analysis online without the need for any client-side software (such as SPSS, SAS, or Stata). Datasets in SDA format include the American National Election Study and the General Social Survey.

    • ICPSR Thematic Collections
      Archives at ICPSR provide access to data collections (many of them in SDA format) and other resources in many disciplines. Note: some of these data are available only to students, faculty, and staff at ICPSR member institutions.