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Education Research Guide

Curriculum Resources Topics

Curriculum Collection

The Curriculum Collection, a representative collection of textbooks for grades K-12, is located in the northwest corner of the second floor of the HSU Library. These materials are listed in the Library catalog. The collection includes currently adopted California textbooks, a limited number of older textbooks as representative examples of the treatment of minorities and women in textbooks, and major historical curriculum projects.

Most of the textbooks are for grades K-8, with a few titles for grades 9-12. Teacher editions, rather than student editions, are purchased if available.

The textbooks are arranged by broad subject area according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Within each subject the textbooks are arranged alphabetically by publisher and then by grade level. These are the Dewey categories which are used:

  • 300 Social sciences (K-8)
  • 301 Bilingual/Bicultural education
  • 421 Spelling, handwriting
  • 428 English 428.24 English as a second language
  • 438-470 Foreign languages
  • 500 Science
  • 510 Mathematics
  • 512 Algebra
  • 516 Geometry
  • 530 Physics
  • 540 Chemistry
  • 570 Biology
  • 570.4 Ecology
  • 600 Industrial arts
  • 613 Health
  • 700 Art
  • 780 Music
  • 800 Reading/Literature
  • 900 World history
  • 970 U.S. history (includes civics, government and legal education)

SPECIAL THINGS in the Curriculum Collection include materials published in Humboldt County and/or pertaining to the local area. In 301 (Bilingual/Bicultural education), there are two sets of materials about Native Americans.

  • Indian Reading Series (301 EDUCS:1-8)
  • Center for Community Development (301 CCD:1-12)

In the science area there is a set of texts written by Doris Kildale Niles which covers the flora and fauna of Humboldt County and an environmental education curriculum developed by the Humboldt County Office of Education called theGreen Box.

  • Humboldt County Science Series (500 HUMC:1-8)
  • Green Box (500 HUMC:K-8)

CURRENT FRAMEWORKS AND STANDARDS are online at the California Department of Education.