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Virtual Reality at HSU

Resources for experiencing and creating Virtual Reality at the HSU Library.


Aframe is an open source web-based VR framework that can be a very easy entry point for anyone interested in learning how to create VR experiences. offers many projects that you can remix and host on their platform for free. Click on the two fish icon below to remix it and create your own version of the project!


Glitch tutorials -- create a project in 50 mins or less!!

Google Poly

Poly is an easy-to-use platform for sharing 3D models and 360-degree images. You can create virtual tours by linking multiple 360-degree photos and adding text and image overlays. Download other people's creative commons creations to remix your own!


Build VR on the web


Free and easy ways to create VR

360-degree Video


A game engine for more complex projects. You can build projects to display in WebVR fairly easily. 

Unity & Oculus: Build Your First VR AppScreenshot of Unity VR app

This short tutorial walks you through creating and running a simple Unity app for Rift VR.

360fly Cameras

360fly HD

The 360fly is a single-lens 360-degree (spherical) video camera that captures video for everything around you. The Library has the original 360fly HD as well as the updated 360fly 4k models. You can also easily grab still images from the video using the app, which is also used to control the camera (via Bluetooth and Wireless connections- instructions). 

Download your videos using the included USB cable or use the app to upload directly to Facebook & YouTube. Both cameras support live streaming events via the 360fly app.

The 360fly 4k camera can also be used as a webcam or a fisheye action cam (similar to a GoPro).

What you need to get started

The camera itself is simple but requires the app and some setup to get started:

  • The camera should be fully charged before starting a project- use the included cable to charge via USB
  • Download the Android/Apple app to control the camera (preview, editing, grabbing stills, uploading to the web, etc.)
  • You can also download the Director desktop app to your personal computer (free) to edit your videos post-production.

How do I use this thing?!

Yeah, but how do I use this thing?!?!?!

360-degree video is very different from regular video and there are a few things you'll want to consider when designing your next 360 project.