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Virtual Reality at Cal Poly Humboldt

Resources for experiencing and creating Virtual Reality at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library.

3D Modeling Software

There are quite a few programs that allow you to create a 3D model from scratch. When creating 3D models for printing, people generally use CAD (computer-aided design) programs which allow you to be very precise and create models that will be structurally sound for printing. For digital projects, there are other programs that specialize in making materials and skins that help bring models to life and mimic real-world textures in a visual way. Any software will allow you to create models for digital applications like games, VR and AR. However, design software that isn't intended for CAD use, may not create structurally sound models for printing.

Here are a few we recommend:

CAD 3D modeling programs

Programs for making digital models (non-CAD)

360-degree Video

Shooting 360-degree Video

Editing 360-degree Video

The process for editing 360-degree video is similar to regular video, but you won't be able to preview the footage in VR view unless you're using an editor that supports that. Creating titles and image overlays also requires the ability to convert it to the 360 spherical projection (equirectangular projection).

At Cal Poly Humboldt, the easiest way to edit 360 footage is by using Adobe Premiere Pro, which is available on all campus computers. There are a few tools with Premiere Pro that allow you to edit, preview and add images and titles fairly easily without having to be an expert in Premiere. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

GoPro Max 360-degree Camera

Line drawing of GoPro Max with dual-facing cameras, digital display, and standard GoPro mount.

The GoPro Max 360 is a dual lens 360-degree camera that captures 5.6k resolution video and photos. With the GoPro Max, you can also switch between the front and back lenses when filming or shooting for unique perspectives. The camera also has built-in stabilization and stitching to make 360-degree projects simple. The audio quality of the GoPro Max is fantastic, with six microphones embedded within the camera.

Can I check one out now?

What you need to get started

The GoPro Max is water proof and dust proof just like other GoPro cameras (as long as all of the doors are closed). However, you will want to keep the lens protectors over the lenses whenever using the camera in other than pristine conditions to avoid damaging them. The included tripod/selfie stick will not appear on the video and can be mounted to a backpack to give the appearance of a drone flying above you.

The camera is relatively straightforward and can be used by itself, but it is recommended to download the mobile Quik App available for iOS and Androids. The software interface is intuitive.

  • You may want to borrow extra GoPro accessories, depending on your project.
  • Download the Quik app for Android/ iOS devices to control the camera and to view, edit, save, and export footage.
  • Be sure to charge both batteries. Battery life lasts about 85 minutes of 360-mode recording and about 105 minutes on HERO mode video.

Exporting your footage

  • The Quik app makes exporting easy if you can use your phone.
  • The included USB cable can connect to any computer with a USB type A port or if you have a USB C adapter.
  • If those don't work, you can use an SD card reader (we have them to borrow) but this is the more difficult option and is more likely to damage the camera, so please try the other options first.

Why you might want to give this camera a try

  • Offers the potential for long duration recording
  • Unique videos and photos in 360 mode
  • Excellent sound quality with six microphones embedded in the camera. On the other hand, the GoPro Hero 9 with only three microphones

How do I use this thing?!

User Manuals

Download Suggestions for Spectacular Results:

GoPro Player - software for editing & importing your footage (Mac & Windows). Unless you are exporting your footage through your phone, you will need to use this software to render your footage as .mov files. The native GoPro Max file format is .360 and is not compatible with any other software, so it must be converted to .mov through a phone or through the GoPro Player software before you can edit the footage with other software. Our Using GoPro Player to Convert .360 to .mov guide has step by step instructions with detailed explanations to help guide you through the process.

Accessibility note

GoPro Player has known keyboard control issues:

  • accessing advanced settings for batch exports

Please note, there are known accessibility barriers associated with the use of the GoPro Player software. Advanced settings for batch exports are not accessible using keyboard controls. Keyboard controls for advanced settings are fully functional for individual exports and for adding individual files to a batch queue. We include detailed keyboard control instructions in our Using GoPro Player to Convert .360 to .mov guide. However, if you require assistance with the software, our equipment or the equipment checkout process, please contact the Digital Media & Learning Librarian, Tim Miller, at (707) 826-4959. You can also email us at makerspace@humboldt.edu or drop by the first floor of the Library for help.


Adobe Premiere Rush - use your phone or tablet to edit, add music and sound effects, titles, adjust colors, and more! Free with Creative Cloud & free for three imports without Creative Cloud).

Videos for Creating, Saving, Editing, & Publishing:

Importing Photos/Videos on Mac & PC without Quik App (2 minutes)

Overview of how to use GoPro Player for Mac and PC (6 :30 min.)

Guide to Vlogging and Editing/Tips with Adobe Premiere Pro + Quik App ( 11 min.)

Editing & Exporting 360 Video with GoPro Player & Quik App - GoPro Player at 2:39 & Quik App on Mobile at 13:09 ( 20 min. )


Yeah, but how do I use this thing?!?!?!

360-degree video is very different from regular video and there are a few things you'll want to consider when designing your next 360 project.

Insta360 One X

Line drawing of Insta360 camera, an oblong curved rectangular camera with dual-facing cameras.

The Insta360 One X is a dual-lens 360-degree (spherical) video camera that captures video for everything around you. You can also easily grab still images from the video using the app, which is also used to control the camera (via Bluetooth and Wireless connections- instructions). 

Download your videos using the included USB cable or use the app to save to your phone or tablet. The Insta360 One X also supports live streaming and many features that make this more than just a 360-degree camera.

Use the invisible selfie stick (included) to shoot footage that appears to be floating in mid-air. Upload photos directly to Google Street View with the app. 

Can I check one out now?

What you need to get started

The camera itself is simple and can be used on its own but works best with the Android and iOS apps and some setup to get started:

  • The camera should be fully charged before starting a project- use the included cable to charge via USB
  • The Insta360 One X  camera is not weather resistant. If you will be using this camera in wet conditions (rain or any submersion) the Venture case is rated to allow you to submerge the camera up to 5 meters (~15 ft) for up to 60 seconds. It is not rated for strong waves or water action sports. Your footage will also be lower in quality when using the case because of the added plastic lens and a seam where the black padding around the lens appears (you can erase the dark seam during editing using the smartphone app, but a ghost effect will remain). View the instructions on using the Venture case.
    Because of these limitations, if you are working on an underwater project, take a look at the GoPro cameras also available at the Library.
  • Download the Android/Apple apps to control the camera (preview, editing, grabbing stills, uploading to the web, etc.)
  • You can also download the Insta360 Studio desktop app (Mac & Windows) to your personal computer (free) to edit your videos post-production.

How do I use this thing?!

Yeah, but how do I use this thing?!?!?!

360-degree video is very different from regular video and there are a few things you'll want to consider when designing your next 360 project.

Unity 3D

A game engine for more complex projects. You can build projects to display in WebVR using the WebVR exporter asset package (tutorial). 

Unity & Oculus: Build Your First VR AppScreenshot of Unity VR app

This short tutorial walks you through creating and running a simple Unity app for Rift VR.

VR Inspiration

Eureka Chinatown 360 Virtual Tour: Lost and Found

Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality/360 video: Meet your carbon footprint

VR can improve empathy

A study at Stanford looked at how to develop empathy for homeless people in the bay area.

A Walk Through Dementia - walking home

Using 360° degree immersive apps in Social Work