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CSU Systemwide Faculty Strike

Archived page providing information about the 2024 CSU systemwide faculty strike.

2024 Faculty Strike [Resolved]

There was a CSU systemwide strike planned for the second of week classes (1/22/24-1/26/24). After one day of striking across all CSU campuses, a tentative agreement was reached and the remainder of the strike was called off.

This page is being kept up for archival purposes, but will not remain up indefinitely.

CSU Systemwide Faculty Strike

There will be a CSU systemwide faculty strike (work stoppage) during the second week of Spring semester (January 22nd through January 26th), including here at Cal Poly Humboldt. We recognize that labor strikes can be disruptive, but it is a necessary step to address crucial issues affecting your education and our working conditions.

During the strike week, librarians will be unavailable until the conclusion of the strike:

  • Librarian research help email requests can be submitted but will not be answered until the strike is resolved.
  • The 24/7 Chat service will be available, though you will be chatting with a non-CSU librarian until the strike is resolved.
  • Special Collections will be closed until the strike is resolved.
  • The Makerspace will be closed until the strike is resolved.

During the strike, classes will not be held, and some library services may be inaccessible. While we understand this may cause inconvenience, please be aware that our aim is to draw attention to the urgent matters requiring resolution from CSU management and the CSU Board of Trustees, who are failing in their obligations to faculty, staff, and students. They are currently raising tuition by an alarming 34% over the next 5 years (something faculty actively oppose), all while neglecting adequate compensation for faculty and staff, and failing to provide sufficient mental health resources for students.

Our primary objective is to press the CSU administration to reevaluate their funding priorities, with a focus on essential areas such as instruction and services vital for your education, well-being, and future success. The potential strike is not only for the benefit of faculty members but also for the current and future generations of CSU students.

Faculty stand in solidarity with our students and we invite you to join us at the picket line, although please know that is entirely voluntary.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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