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Sociology and Criminology & Justice Studies Research Guide

Sociology and Criminology & Justice Studies Research Guide

Recommended Databases

Open Access Journals

Finding Full Text Articles

If you don't see the full text article, click on "Find It@HSU":

"Find It" will locate your article online, or direct you to the print journal on the 2nd floor of the library.

If we do not have the article in any format, you may request it via

with no additional fee. Electronic articles can often arrive within 48 hours.

Google Scholar

From off campus, customize Google Scholar Library Links under Settings to include Humboldt State University Library - FindIt@HSU.

Google Scholar Search

Using Citations

Citation searching is a strategy for collecting relevant sources on your topic.

Say you have found an important, scholarly article on your topic. Before she wrote the article, the author went through a research process that was likely very similar to the one you are going through right now. She found a number of good articles on her topic, and then she created a References list. That References list is like a trail of breadcrumbs that you can follow back to more important, scholarly articles on your topic.

Always look at the References list at the end of each article you find, to see if any of the listed sources might be useful!