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Recreation Administration Research Guide

A guide for conducting research in the field of Recreation Administration

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How to Read a Call Number

Books at HSU are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. This means that the books are grouped by broad subjects alphabetically and numerically within a subject. This system helps you locate books on those topics by keeping them all together. Each book has it's own call number to help you find it in the broader subject and can also be given a more specific topic within the broad subject. HERE'S AN EXAMPLE Title: The Encyclopedia of Arthurian Literature. Call Number: DA 152.5 A7 C64 1992.  This book has a subject of History with a sub-class of Great Britain (DA) and second sub-class of Early and medieval to 1485 (152.5). HOW TO READ A CALL NUMBER The first letters represent the broad subject (DA), The first set of numbers identify a more specific topic of a subject (152.5) The second set of letter/number combinations represents the author or the title of the book (A7 C64) and the last number is the year published (1992)

Useful Catalog Call Numbers

You can also browse the HSU Library's print collection by call number. Because of the diverse areas of interest within Recreation Administration, relevant books will be found in several different areas within the collection. The G and GV sections are on the second floor, and the RM, S, SB, SK, and TX sections are on the third floor


G149-180 Travel & tourism
GV181.35-181.6 Recreation leadership
GV182-182.5 Recreation areas & facilities
GV191.2-200.66 Outdoor life, outdoor recreation
GV557-1198.995 Sports
GV1199-1860 Games & Amusements, Circuses, specatcles
RM736 Recreational Therapy
S900-(972) Conservation of natural resources (incl. education & interpretation)
SB481- 486 Parks (incl. theory, management, & history)
SK601-608 Wildlife-related recreation
TX901-946.5 Hospitality Industry


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