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Journalism & Mass Communication Research Guide

Browse the Reference Collection

Use this guide to browse the Reference Collection for resources on Journalism, Mass Communication. Reference materials are integrated into the main stacks on the second and third floor of the library unless noted in the catalog record:

P 87-96               

Communication. Mass media
PN 4699-5650 Journalism. The press, etc.
PN 4735-4748 Gov't & freedom of the press 
PN 4775-4784 Technique. Practical journalism
PN 4825-4830 Amateur journalism     
PN 4781-4888 Investigative journalism


Other related topics can be found in the following locations:

KF.4770             Legal aspects of freedom of the press, expression, censorship, protest & dissent
KF 9444 Legal aspects of censorship and "obscenity"

How Can I Get Started??

As you begin researching a topic, your idea may be very general.  For example, suppose you are interested in looking at how journalists report on global warming policy with the goal of writing a 5 page feature article. 

You will need to understand the current scientific consensus on global warming, as well as set some topical limits.  Reference books can provide summaries of the science of global warming as well as how to think about bias, deception and credibility in presenting a controversial topic.  The web can bring you the latest discussions. 

Think about using limiting by time period, region, and subtopic.  For example, you might limit to northcoast climate changes from global warming and its impacts as reported in the last 12 months by local reporters in two or three local newspapers. 

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