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ENG 350

This guide is for students in English 350, Fall semester 2017.

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Subject Headings

Eugenics   (May Subd Geog)

[Classification range: HQ750-755.5]

Related Terms:     Euthenics ; Heredity ; Involuntary sterilization

Narrower Terms:     Atavism ; Degeneration ; Heredity ;

Human Malthusianism

 Eugenics—Law and legislation   (May Subd Geog)

Eugenics in literature   (Not Subd Geog)   

Eugenics in mass media   (Not Subd Geog)  

Eugenics in motion pictures   (Not Subd Geog)

Eugenics in textbooks   (May Subd Geog)  

Evaluating Website Content

One of the biggest problems that students have with using websites in their research is that they are not sure that the content that they find is accurate. Here are some basic ways to evaluate a website:

  • What does the domain name tell you? Is the site a .com, .edu, or .gov?
  • Is there clear authorship on the site? Does the author state their credentials?
  • Is there an "About" page?
  • Is there contact information or references or citations listed?

These are guidelines from credible institutions to help you evaluate a website and its content:

  1. Cornell Univeristy Library: Evaluating Websites
  2. UC Berkeley Library: Evaluating Web Pages
  3. Johns Hopkins Libraries: Evaluating Information Online

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