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Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies (CRGS) Research Guide

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How to Read a Call Number

Books at HSU are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. This means that the books are grouped by broad subjects alphabetically and numerically within a subject. This system helps you locate books on those topics by keeping them all together. Each book has it's own call number to help you find it in the broader subject and can also be given a more specific topic within the broad subject. HERE'S AN EXAMPLE Title: The Encyclopedia of Arthurian Literature. Call Number: DA 152.5 A7 C64 1992.  This book has a subject of History with a sub-class of Great Britain (DA) and second sub-class of Early and medieval to 1485 (152.5). HOW TO READ A CALL NUMBER The first letters represent the broad subject (DA), The first set of numbers identify a more specific topic of a subject (152.5) The second set of letter/number combinations represents the author or the title of the book (A7 C64) and the last number is the year published (1992)

Browse the Stacks

Because CRGS is interdisciplinary, books and journals may be found in many different parts of the library.

Books and journals on critical gender and women's studies are located in the HQ call number areas. These are some select topics of interest:

H                             SOCIAL SCIENCES (GENERAL)
HQ 12-449 Sexual life
HQ 19-30 Sexual behavior, attitudes
HQ 74 Bisexuality
HQ 75-76 Homosexuality. Lesbianism
HQ 503-1064 The family. Marriage. Home
HQ 998-999 Unmarried mothers
HQ 1001-1006 The state and marriage
HQ 1051-1057 The church and marriage
HQ 1075 Sex role
HQ 1101-2031 Women. Feminisim


In addition, materials on critical race studies can be found in several different parts of the library:

E 184-185 Latinos and African Americans in U.S. history
GN 301-367 Cultural Anthropology, ethnography
HT 1501-1595 Race as a social group and race relations in general
KF 4741-4783 Civil and political rights and liberties
KF.9000                Race and Federal issues, First Amendment, etc.