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Census Research Guide

How to find census information at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Documents Collection and on the internet. Includes information about census schedules including Indian census information.

Getting Started

Census information is one of the most important government information sources. Even though HSU became a federal depository library in 1962, the Library's census collection covers materials since the last century. This guide attempts to list the important titles in that collection and on the Internet. Some print census material is storage in the basement of the Library but is available to patrons by request.Use the government document call number (also know as the sudoc number) to request census material at the check out desk on the first floor of the Library.

Documents Collection

  • Census of Construction Industries (Docs C3.245/4) (1960s-)
    • Preliminary Report (Docs C3.245/6) (1960s-)
    • Special Report (Docs C3.245/5) (1960s-)
  • Census of Housing
    • 1940 (Docs C3.940-30, 32, 33, 34)
    • 1950 (Docs C3.950-8/3)
    • 1960 (Docs C3.224/9)
    • 1970 (Docs C3.224/3)
    • 1980 (Docs C3.224/3)
    • 1990 (Docs C3.224/3)
  • Census of Local Jails (Docs J29.21) (1980s-)
  • Census of Manufactures (Docs C3.24) (1914-)
  • Census of Retail Trade
    • 1970 (Docs C3.202/5-1)
    • 1990 (Docs C3.255)
  • Census of Selected Service Industries (Docs C3.202/5-3) (1972)
  • Census of Service Industries (Docs C3.202/5 and Docs C3.257) (1948-)
  • Census of State Adult Correctional Facilities (Docs J29.16)
  • Census of Transportation (Docs C3.233) (1963-)
  • Census of Civil Aircraft (Docs TD4.18) (1964-)
  • Census of Whole Sale Trade (Docs C3.202/5-2 and Docs C3.256) (1948-)
  • Census Tract Papers (Docs C3.227/2) (1965-)
  • Reports (1980 California Census Tract) (Docs C3.223/11) (1960-)

Internet Sources