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Banned Books Week

Celebrate ALA's annual Banned Books Week, October 1-7, 2023

Banned Books Websites

Articles on Banned Books

Book banning in U.S. schools has reached an all-time high (Grid, August 27, 2022)

PEN America's Index of School Book Bans (extensive spread sheet of bans from July 1, 2021-March 31, 2022, sorted by Author & Title or State & District)

States that have enacted book ban laws (Book Riot, August 26, 2022)

2021-2022 book banning in the United States (Wikipedia)

Books Unbanned (Brooklyn Public Library)

How Banning Books Marginalizes Children (The Atlantic, Oct. 2016)

"Parthenon of Books" Constructed from 100,000 Banned Books Rises at Nazi Book Burning Site in Germany