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Rangeland Resource Science

Evaluating Website Content

One of the biggest problems students have with using websites in their academic work is the accuracy of the content. Here are some basic ways to evaluate a website.

What does the domain name tell you?

Who wrote the page? Is there a page author listed? If there is no author, is there a company name? Is there contact information listed? If there is no one listed that takes responsibility for the page you should take that into consideration.

Here are some links to reliable sites that will help you with your evaluation:

Cornell Web Evaluation Website

UC Berkeley Web Evaluation Tips

John Hopkins Evaluating Internet Resources

Internet Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways in Rangeland Resource Science

The Internet contains both popular and scholarly information of interest in rangeland resource science, including information from government agencies, universities, organizations and societies. Content format may be textual, numeric, graphic, mulitmedia or software..

Internet site

Based on accessibility Internet content can be separated into the surface web or visible web and the deep webor invisible web. Some estimates place the size of the surface web at 100 billion pages and the deep web at more than 900 billion pages, many times larger than the surface web.

Deep web pages are excluded from general search engines because of 1) licensing restrictions that place content behind firewalls or 2) content contained in databases that generate a dynamic web page based on a specific information query. Many of the Library's databases and catalogs are part of the deep web. Content from some of the largest deep web sites is freely available.

Approaches to Searching the Internet

Rangeland Resource Science Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways

The following individuals, organizations, and universities maintain directories, portals, and gateways of interest to range scientists and managers: