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Theatre Research Guide

Research Resources for Theatre and Drama

Theatre Review Sources

Theatre reviews are usually brief recommendations on the entertainment, cultural, or artistic value of a play or other theatrical production. They typically include a plot summary and a few key points about outstanding features of the production.

For scholarly or theoretical analysis of plays, directors, staging, genres, etc., look for books in the catalogs or articles in the databases listed on other tabs in this guide.

The Reference Collection includes lists of play reviews. Here are a few examples:

  • A Guide to Critical Reviews and its supplements (ref PN 1655 S342)
  • How to Locate Reviews of Plays and Films: A Bibliography (ref PN 1701 S35)
  • American Drama Criticism and its supplements (ref PS 332 E33)

On the Web

Try searching for the title of your play and "theatre reviews" in your favorite search engine.

Databases for Theatre Reviews

Some articles will be available in fulltext in these databases.  If the fulltext isn't there, use the "Find It @ HSU" button to see if the article is in another database that we have.  The How-to videos on the Getting Started tab show how to do this.